CJC Will Discuss Gorge Safety in Coming Year

In their first meeting of the year, the Codes and Judicial Committee met last night to discuss their agenda for the next year. One of the main issues the CJC will address is gorge safety.
Members of the committee are currently debating whether to make swimming in certain gorges a violation of the Judicial Administrator Code of Conduct. There is also some debate as to how any measures will be enforced. The committee is working out language that would be inserted into the code of conduct if such a measure is undertaken.

McCain’s Redemption

Though we here at Muckraking for Pennies are delighted to see Obama as the President-Elect, we hope that his massive electoral win will not go to his head. Many a ruler has fallen when his pride and arrogance gets to his head and we would hate to see the man who united the country last night succumb to such follies. But given his behavior up to this point, we have hope he will shift America in the right direction.

But in other news, McCain has already begun repairing his tarnished image, starting with his concession speech last night.

Woman Struck by Wrestling Weight in Stable Condition

The woman who was struck by a rubber plate dropped by the wrestling team is reported to be in stable condition. Joanna Luks, a senior lecturer in French, was walking down the Baker Staircase when three members of the wrestling team accidentally dropped a rubber plate they were using for a routine exercise on Libe Slope. The rubber plate rolled across West Ave. and struck Luks as she was descending the staircase.

Local Police Attribute Rise in Arrests To Campaign Against Drugs, Violence

In a series of drug-related arrests over the last few months, Ithaca Police have arrested multiple suspects on unrelated accounts in hopes of curbing the drug trade and curtailing violence.
The IPD detained three men and two teenagers last Friday after they found a handgun and what looked like a package of narcotics during a routine traffic stop, according to The Ithaca Journal. The group was stopped on the 200 block of West Seneca Street around 10 p.m.
The police are attributing this arrest to a recent campaign aiming to curb violence in Ithaca.

Biden and Palin Face Off: Students gather in Cook House

Last night’s vice-presidential debate between Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) and Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska covered significant ground as the candidates sparred over the financial crisis, Iraq and Afghanistan and energy policy. A group of around 100 people, filtering in and out of the Alice Cook House Dining Room, witnessed this debate.
Millions of people are projected to have watched the debate featuring the senator, said to be prone to making gaffes, and the newbie, said to have had trouble making a strong appearance on the interview circuit as of late.
The debate was moderated by Gwen Ifill of PBS’s Washington Week and The News Hour.

Johnson School Panel Discusses Wall Street Crash

“Expediency is not a good guide for policy, and that is where we are right now,” said Prof. Maureen O’Hara, the Robert W. Purcell Professor of Management in the Johnson School of Management.
As Congress continues to debate Bush’s proposed $700 billion economic recovery plan, last night a panel of professors from the Johnson School analyzed the causes of the financial crisis and offered solutions for the future. Over 250 people attended the discussion.
Moderated by Prof. Doug Stayman, marketing, and the associate dean for curriculum at the Johnson School, the Market Crisis Panel addressed the tumultuous events in the finance world that have happened over the past days.

Military Members Discuss Wars Abroad

While the Iraq war is competing with Hurricane Ike and the financial crisis for media coverage in the new as of late, last night an audience in RPCC heard a range of active duty and retired armed services officers offer their insight on the time they spent serving overseas.
In “Today’s Military: Exposed and Uncen-sored,” a range of mid-level and high-grade officers discussed their views of the war, its successes and failures. Sponsored by the Residential Programs and the ROTC program, the aim of the panel discussion was to present a side of the war rarely seen in the media.

New Act to Increase Higher Ed. Lending Practice Tranparency

Last August, Congress signed into law the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which reauthorizes the Higher Education Act of 1965. This act is the first piece of comprehensive higher education reform legislation in 10 years and totals over 1,000 pages in length. The law is broad in scope, focusing on problems such as the complex financial aid process and the rising cost of textbooks as well as illegal file sharing on campus. This is the first in a series of three articles that examine the various aspects of this law.

C.U. Outlines $20M Pledge To Aid Tompkins Facilities

As many cities around the country struggle to make ends meet, some communities are looking toward non-profit institutions for greater financial assistance. In keeping pace with this trend, this past June the University outlined the first installment of the $20 million it pledged to donate to Tompkins County for housing, infrastructure and transportation improvements.
Accordingly, the University plans to spend over $1 million each on housing and transportation efforts in 2009 to help attract a new generation of talent and meet the local demand for employee and student housing. Cornell is looking to invest specifically in home buying programs and new housing developments along with road repairs and pedestrian and biker safety.

Walsh to Become Member of Board of Trustees Despite Alleged Violations

Student Trustee-elect Mike Walsh grad will become a full voting member of the trustee board starting on July 1, after the Trustee Nominating Committee ruled that Walsh’s campaign complied with the Trustee Election Guidelines. The University Ombudsman also upheld the Committee’s ruling, Director of the Office of Assemblies, Peggy Beach, said.
Last week, Sun Columnist Shawn Kong grad, filed a complaint with the University Ombudsman alleging that Walsh had violated the rules of Trustee Election Guidelines when Graduate and Professional Student Assembly vice presidential nominee Mario Guerrero endorsed Walsh in an e-mail.