Alum and his wife created a company and device that helps woman breastfeed.

Alum Founded Company With Wife to Address Breastfeeding Problems

After enduring pregnancy and childbirth, many new mothers experience an additional challenge –– breastfeeding. Hoping to make it easier for mothers to feed their babies, Cornell alum Max Spivak ’07, MBA ’14, MILR ’15 and his wife Kate Spivak co-founded Laally and created their own device in 2017 to provide a solution.

Due to route delays and shortages in the number of buses, TCAT has started renting buses from other companies or purchasing used buses to convert into TCAT buses.

TCAT Rents Buses to Cover Fleet Shortage, Stop On-Going Delays

Aging fleet, maintenance staff turnover and state Department of Transportation regulations have left TCAT with dwindling numbers of operational buses in their fleet, leading to delays. In hopes of correcting this, TCAT has begun renting buses from other transportation companies and buying up used buses to fix.