Test Spin: Willy Mason

After Willy Mason produced his first major-label release, Where the Humans Eat, at the tender age of 19 on Conor Oberst’s label, Team Love, I was really looking forward to If the Ocean Gets Rough. The opening track, “Gotta Keep Walkin’” is the most catchy and insightful, and captures what he has to offer as a songwriter and arranger.

Young Fiddler Speaks With Daze

Lissa Schneckenburger chats about inspiration and her new album

In her most recent self-titled, solo release, Lissa Schneckenberger, the young, exciting fiddler brings to life both traditional style Celtic music and original compositions with her dynamic performance style. With training from both New England Conservatory of Music and traditional music camps, she is a musical force to be reckoned with.