Lesson Three: Be Obsessed

I’m going to let all of you in on a little secret. The world is pretty lazy. If you choose to sit alone in the dark for days on end, chances are a majority of the world won’t notice. It just keeps on going on without you. Anyways, here’s the point of the depressing introduction: individuals need to inject excitement into their own lives.

To achieve that goal, I suggest that you become totally obsessed with something. I’m talking about deranged-stalker-obsessed. There’s no better way to control your happiness than to have it completely rely on things out of your control. Even better, your obsession can be as broad or focused as you want. You could be obsessed with art, television, movies, music, an artist, a show, a director, a band, a celebrity, a girl, a boy, animals, a specific animal, random inanimate objects, a specific inanimate object, and the list goes on (although it keeps getting creepier and creepier).

Lesson Two: Put Yourself on Youtube

There was a time when you used to actually have some semblance of talent to become famous. This started to change with television, specifically MTV and reality shows. These shows opened up the spotlight for a limited number of talentless people each year, but the chances of actually getting on were pretty low.

Lesson One: Break the Law

At some point or another, you’ve disagreed with some law. Maybe you think marijuana should be legal, maybe you think 12 year olds should be able to drink, or maybe you think drug addled teenagers should be able to carry concealed weapons.