WOMEN’S BASKETBALL | Red Hosts Ivy Foes Over Weekend

The women’s basketball team will head into two Ivy League games against Brown and Yale this weekend. The Red has played four Ivy League contests, currently holding an Ivy record of 3-1. “I think we had a really gutsy win on Saturday night coming off our Harvard loss Friday night,” said head coach Dayna Smith. “When we are playing together and sharing the ball and playing team defense, we are getting a lot of good things accomplished.”

Brown and Yale have different styles of basketball compared to what the Red is used to playing against, according to Smith. “I think Brown and Yale are very guard-oriented,” Smith said.

BROFSKY | Unhealthy Thoughts

The life of a college athlete: You have to perform well and you have to balance this with an acceptable GPA. Practice isn’t optional. You must devote multiple hours each day to progressing; this means no going backwards. Expectations are always rising. You must stay in shape, stay focused, stay healthy.

BROFSKY | Visualizing the Win

I am studying English and linguistics and I love how letters and the building blocks of sound can form words, units that grow into chains of resonance. I love how meaning can accumulate, start somewhere and layer extraordinary interpretations. Nothing is more satisfying or mind-numbingly beautiful as creating our own circumstances, and this is something we can do with language and the mental processes that accompany sports. The world is so full of magic. We cannot forget this.