CJC Releases Conduct Code Review

The Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly released a report on the Campus Code of Conduct Tuesday, completing a review of some of the biggest suggested changes to the Code.

At the end of the Report to the U.A., the CJC requested an extension and expansion of its task so that it may continue to investigate the suggested revisions to the judicial system and the Code of Conduct contained within a proposal known as the Krause Report. Former Judicial Administrator Barbara Krause law ’88, then senior advisor to the president, compiled the Krause Report at the behest of then interim President Hunter R. Rawlings III.

Skorton Hosts Open Forum

President initiates dialogue addressing student issues

In an effort to solicit feedback and opinions from Cornell students, President David Skorton held an open student forum yesterday in Uris Auditorium.

“In addition to meetings with elected student representatives, this is a good way to meet and get input and points of view directly from students,” Skorton said after the forum.

City News

Dept. of Environmental Conservation Awards Tompkins County $900,000
Tompkins County will receive nearly $900,000 in grants for water quality improvement projects from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, according to the Ithaca Journal.

Student Co. Cashes in on Solar Power

“I’m not going to lie, I work a lot — probably from 8 a.m. until 1 a.m.” said Adam Farrell ’06. “But I party just as hard.”

Farrell has a jam-packed agenda as co-founder of Silicon Solar — a company with over 82,000 customers and estimated sales of $5 million that is expanding across America and into China.

Burning Question

This past Wednesday marked a rare event in Cornell history: we got a SNOW DAY! (Well, half of one anyway.) What did you do to make your snow day special?

Geoff Kozen ’08 said:
“I went traying and bottled the beer I made.”

Student's Businesses Help Others Shoot for Success

Seth Flowerman ’08 is an applied economics and management major, but, as the founder and president of two companies, Career Explorations and Vertex Academic Services, it is a wonder he doesn’t teach the courses himself. Flowerman’s entrepreneurial endeavors grew out of his experience as a 16-year-old intern at the London offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, a financial services firm.

Students Debate Code of Conduct

The way students, faculty and staff deal with Campus Code of Conduct violation charges from the Judicial Administrator are subject to change.

The open forum last night in The Straight, however, indicated these changes will not happen without the input of the Cornell community. Members of the Codes and Judicial Committee of the University Assembly fielded questions and listened to perspectives on the major issues involving the proposed changes to the Code: the independence of the JA, the equal application of the code to all members of the Cornell community and the extension of the Code’s jurisdiction off campus.

City News

Police Break Tompkins County-Wide Drug Ring

Thirty-two people who took part in two drug rings ferrying cocaine from New York City to the local Ithaca area were charged by the Tompkins County grand jury, District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson announced in a press conference Friday. The ringleaders were Isaac Butler, also known as “Fee,” “Fee-Foe,” and “Big Man,” of Ithaca, and Charlie Watford, also known as “Man” and “Little Man,” of Brooklyn, NY.

S.A. Bans Tickets in Elections

The Student Assembly — known in the past for contentious elections and controversial methods of getting votes — revised its election rules last night during a meeting in the Straight Memorial Room, abolishing the partisan slates, or tickets, that dominated last year’s election.