A Gameplan Breakdown … Literally

Wow. I love the Cornell men’s basketball team. What an incredible ride this team has put us all through this season, bringing our University some national recognition — and hopefully, some more money (insert shameless plug here) — while lifting our school spirit and unity. Covering the team here in warm and sunny Anaheim, Calif., has been an incredible experience, regardless of the game’s final score.

It Was More Than A Good Season, It Was HISTORIC … But It's Over

There’s no denying this was a historic season for the men’s basketball team, but it’s about to come to an end. With 3:35 left in the game, Stanford leads 71-44. After keeping it close early, the team has been unable to hit any shots and is being decimated on the boards and in the post in general.
Wittman (2-of-10) and Dale (3-of-15) were held to 1-of-15 combined in the first half, despite playing nearly the full 20 mins each.

Cornell is shooting 14-of-53 as of right now, but was merely 4-for-32 by halftime. That’s 15.6 percent at the half, and 42.9 percent in the second half. It’s tough to win games shooting like that.

Stanford, on the other hand, is cruising. Aside from shooting 50 percent or better in both halves, the Cardinal is currently out-rebounding Cornell 45-24.

Five Quick Ways to Get on TV at the NCAAs

So, you’ve made it all the way to Anaheim, Calif., and you want everyone to know it. What better way to do that than be on television, right? The footage lasts a lifetime, everyone can see it — especially if you record it — and it’s much easier than calling, writing and telling everyone you know.
But getting on TV is easier said than done. So here are five ways for you to make it happen:

Multimedia Madness

According to ESPN SportsNation, right now, 93.2 percent of fans picked Stanford to beat Cornell tomorrow. Whatever happens, Harrison, Rob Burris (from The Red Light) and myself have captured some incredible multimedia over the last 36 hours.