Catch It: Nov. 20 – Nov. 26

Thursday, Nov. 20:
Sex, studying and . . . swords? OK, it’s not quite Cornell, but it’s close: Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost hits the Schwartz Center tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a debut performance. With fancy wordplay and puns aplenty, the story of three dudes swearing off sex for three years is a gas. Student tickets $8.
Hadag Nachash: no, it’s not a dish, it’s a band. A really good one, in fact: the Israeli ensemble has gained international acclaim for its blend of hip-hop, jazz and Middle Eastern sounds. Lucky for you, they’re playing tonight at 9 p.m. at the Noyes Center. Admission is free.

Friday, Nov. 21:

Overheard Nov. 6: All I Do Is Wiggle this Thing Around?

Female student discussing politics with friends: I’m going to vote for Bob Barr.
Confused female friend: The elephant?!
— Oakenshields
Girl: He lives in my building, and I just want to screw him for God’s sake!
Other girl: OMG He lives in your building. That’s like God’s way of telling you to have a friends-with-benefits relationship!
— Outside Olin
Drunk Girl on Halloween: Look, he has antlers on his head! … Oh, they’re feathers! … Oh, it’s a girl.
— West Campus
Noyes Hot Dog Guy: All I do is wiggle this thing around?
— Noyes
Angry pre-med: You’re not coming to chem section?! I’m going to punish you later …
Badass pre-med: Hah, you don’t know my history with that …
Angry pre-med: With being punished? Are we talkin’ kinky here?!

Daze's (Unofficial) Guide to The Best Spots to Shake Yo' Booty

We may love Ithaca dearly, but we’ll be the first to admit it it isn’t known for its club hoppin’, knee boppin’ dance scene. Still, for those who love to get down (in all senses of the word) and shake it, Daze shares its thought on some of the more “legendary” spots. (Warning: Our list is probably as comprehensive as our dance skills are America’s Best Dance Crew-worthy.)

Johnny O’s:

Daze's Best, Worst and Most Utterly Ridiculous Halloweens

You can’t spend a night — or the requisite Collegetown three — of dressing like a sexy police officer, Sarah Palin or an oversized pumpkin and come out smelling like roses. This week, the Daze staff share their wildest moments from All Hallow’s Eve: raw and (mostly) unedited. From disastrous high school pranks to men whose fetishes happen to be your specific Halloween costume, writers divulge their best and worst nights. It may have been a long time since elementary school going door-to-door; but that doesn’t mean the tricked and treated memories are far gone. So when Friday (and Thursday and Saturday) come along and the inevitable good and bad times happen, just be glad you weren’t us.

Thief in the Night:

Catch It: Oct. 30 – Nov. 6

Can you kick it? Filmmaker Charlie Ahearn sure can: He was there for the early days of hip-hop in New York, and he’s coming to Cornell Cinema tonight at 7 p.m. to present his documentary Wild Style, featuring the likes of Grand Master Flash and the Fantastic Five. Student tickets are $4.
Need something to lift your spirits from the wintry doldrums? Stop by Bailey Hall at 8 p.m. for a concert by the world-renowned ensemble Philharmonia Brasileira. The Brazilian group will be aided by the services of Brandford Marsalis, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and featured soloist. Cornell students get in for $15, all others $18-36.

Overheard Oct. 30: 'I’m so confused gravitationally.'

Girl (correcting guy’s grammar in a paper): You throw around commas like one dollar bills at a strip show.
— Thurston Ave
Awkward Dude (to friend): It’s so much fun to be in the men’s locker room with a bunch of naked guys. (Awkward silence.) Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “fun”; it’s interesting. It’s a whole different … dynamic.
— Outside Helen Newman
Amazed Patron at Synapsis: They donated the entire medical school, and now this?!
— Weill Hall
Clean-cut Girl: I don’t like rubbing it the right way!
— Uris
Guy 1: Yo, did you see those breast cancer shirts?
Guy 2: Yeah, what of it?
Guy 1: I liked the “Save Second Base” one.
Guy 2: What’s “second base?”
Guy 1: (pause, then laughter)

Catch It: Oct. 23 – 30

Friday 10/24:
If you’re a fan of the theatre and family tragedy (who isn’t?), you’ll love God’s Ear, playing tonight at the Schwartz Center. Penned by Jenny Schwartz ’95, the play will begin an Off Broadway run in April. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets are $8-10.
Need ideas for how to entertain mom and dad during Parents’ Weekend? Why not let them buy you tickets to Howie Mandel? The Canadian TV personality and Deal or No Deal host hits Barton Hall at 7 p.m. for a night of stand-up and storytelling. No prize money will be distributed. Doors open at 6 p.m., and tickets are $20-25 for students, $25-30 for the general public.
Saturday 10/25:

I Found My Sperm! Overheard Oct. 23, 2008

Thick-Headed Jock: I felt bad. I didn’t even know what Indonesia was!
— Ag Quad
Smiling Girl: I just gave you a cootie shot! (after poking friend with a mechanical pencil)
Serious Girl: You didn’t do circle circle dot dot. You don’t have very good bedside manner.
girl (after ordering lo mein): A quart seems like a lot. Isn’t that, like, a gallon of milk?
— Prospect of Whitby
C.U. Undergrad on Cell: As conceited as this sounds, there has to be something wrong with this class if I can’t pass.
—  Arts Quad
Good Looking Asian Chick: You have people follow you up to your room … I chase people around with candy and money. Naked.
— Collegetown

Fall Break: An Artsy Take

While most of us spent our Fall Breaks half-comatose on a couch, a few members of the Arts staff took it upon themselves to do what they do best: be artsy. From an Okkervil River concert in Montreal to a not-so-scary haunted house in PA to an experiment in arts and crafts, three Arts writers share their break experiences.

Okkervil River (Saints Bar, Montreal)
by Julia Woodward
Hey, hey, hey, Cornellians. Hope your break was just the bee’s knees. I spent mine in Montreal, as I usually do. On this particular jaunt, I saw Okkervil River play Saturday night, in a slick basement bar called Saints with an absolutely enormous disco ball.

Catch It: October 9 – October 16

Thursday 10/9:

Sneak Peek! Tonight at 8 p.m., Cornell Cinema will be screening a free sneak preview of Ridley Scott’s latest film, Body of Lies, in Uris auditorium. The film is based on David Ignatius’s novel about a CIA operative who chases a lead on a terrorist operating out of Jordan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. For (free!) tickets, go to WSH or download them from
Cornell architecture alumnus investigates barns, scarecrows and archaic modes of printing. Interested in farm-itecture? Aleksander Mergold ’00, cofounder of Austin+Mergold, will be speaking at 5:15 p.m. today in 157 E. Sibley. If visuals appeal to you more than aural, check out the Austin+Mergold exhibit in Hartells Gallery in Sibley, today through Saturday.

Friday 10/10: