SIMS | Let’s Meet at Zeus

Editor’s Note: This piece is part of The Sun’s dueling columns feature. In this feature, Katie Zhang ’21, Dining Editor, and Katie Sims ’20, former Associate Editor, debate, “Which cafe is better: Temple of Zeus or Amit Bhatia Libe Cafe?” Read the counterpart column here. My first invitation to the Temple of Zeus was within two weeks of arriving on campus, in a clear and straightforward email from two former arts editors, inviting all of the prospective writers to a section meeting. The simple phrase “Temple of Zeus in Klarman Hall” was baffling to me; I didn’t know where or what Klarman Hall was, why there might be an ancient Greek temple in the middle of this building and what business we had holding a meeting there. I googled “Temple of Zeus” probably a dozen times leading up to that meeting, hoping the cafe that came up (which Google said would be closed at that hour) was really where I was supposed to go.

SIMS | Take Me Home, West Virginia

When we’re visiting a place most of us need a reminder that it exists apart from our visiting perspectives, that the visitor’s center doesn’t include event listings for too-early funerals because of cancer or lung disease or opioid overdoses, and that no visit or poem or song will every fully convey what it is like to pin your life to a place.

Be a Man (Salad)

We had to look someone in the eyes and ask him for a “man salad.” It was flat out degrading.