10 Questions With Brian Kreefer

Before the men’s basketball team takes on Columbia in New York City this weekend, junior forward Brian Kreefer launched half-court shots at Newman Arena with Sun assistant sports editor Lance Williams.

1. Because I’m so excited about the team this year, I wanted to start out a little serious this week before we move into some more interesting stuff. The team is 9-5 right now, you guys won the Ivy opener against Columbia last weekend and in my opinion are stocked with talent. What is your prediction for the rematch with Columbia this weekend?

I know we’re going to win for sure, but I’m not positive by how much. Hopefully it will be the same or a little more.

Double digits?

Yeah that would be nice.

Cornell Puts Forth Solid Effort but Falls to Duke

Durham N.C. — The men’s basketball team gave the Duke Blue Devils all they could handle on Jan. 10, leading by as many as three points with 6:25 left in the first half and never allowing the No. 8 team in the nation to pull away until the closing minutes of the contest. Duke eventually won, 81-67, in front of a raucous crowd at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
“We played one of our better games tonight,” said Cornell head coach Steve Donahue. “We were very hyped up for this game, and I think we went out there and competed.”
Donahue’s celebrtiy coaching counterpart agreed with his assessment of the Red’s performance.

Wrestling Travels for Nittany Lion Open

Fresh off its third consecutive Body Bar Invitational victory, the wrestling team will travel to State College, Pa., to compete in the 2007 Nittany Lion Open on Sunday morning. The event will feature 60 teams from all over the East Coast, including the host, No. 6 Penn State, as well as Michigan State, Navy, Lehigh, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Penn, among many others.
“This is a great tournament because of the sheer number of wrestlers,” said head coach Rob Koll. “Each team has atleast two or three great wrestlers so our guys will certainly be challenged.”

Football Crushed in Finale

PHILADELPHIA — The football team ended its season on a sour note Saturday, losing to Penn, 45-9, on a frigid afternoon at Franklin Field. From the very first snap, the Quakers (4-6, 3-4 Ivy) utilized a dominant offensive line, a stingy defense and impassioned special teams play to route the Red (5-5, 2-5) in the 2007 Ivy League finale.
“Hats off to Penn, they played great today,” said head coach Jim Knowles ’87. “They whipped us in all three facets of the game.”
The Quakers outgained the Red, 449-216, in total offense, including a 329-78 differential in rushing yards.

Wrestlers Begin Hunt for NCAA Title Tonight

The wrestling team will have its first chance to defend its No. 4 ranking this weekend as it faces the No. 13 Wisconsin at Newman Arena tonight before competing in the Body Bar Invitational tomorrow morning.
The Wisconsin matchup is the first of 11 dual meets for the Red this season and poses an extra challenge for the grapplers, who have never beaten the Badgers before.
“The match means a lot,” said junior Jordan Leen. “Especially to all of our coaches who have never beaten Wisconsin before. And for a lot of us too; it is time for us to start competing again.”
The match will raise money for Hospice, through the Big Red’s Hospicare Challenge, with $3 from every person in attendance going to support the cause.

10 Questions

Before the men’s squash team’s pivotal three-match series this weekend against highly ranked foes UPenn, Princeton and Western Ontario, Assistant Sports Editor Lance Williams volleyed with senior Omar Mangalji. Sadly, Omar’s Blackberry did not survive the ensuing scuffle.

1. I’ve heard conflicting reports about where you are from, so give me a straight answer; where are you from?
I am from London, England.
And that’s your final answer?
Final answer. What else have you heard?
Well let me ask it this way, how many passports do you have?
Only two, an American passport and a Canadian passport. My mother is Canadian and technically so is my dad.
So why are you from London then?

Winter Teams Have Chance for Special Seasons

As someone who spends a vast amount of my time writing and reading about Cornell’s athletic teams, I have a vested interest in their success. So it starts to get really depressing when every article I write or edit is about a loss. There are only so many ways you can frame a 39-point blowout or a four-goal loss in a positive manner. Just ask Assistant Sports Editor Cory Bennett, who was berated by a coach who will remain anonymous after writing what this coach perceived to be an egregiously negative article. But the way I see it, the fact of the matter is that a blowout loss is a blowout loss.

Wrestling Sets Sights on Championship

After a slightly disappointing 12th-place finish at last year’s NCAA championship, the wrestling team — picked No. 4 in W.I.N. Magazine’s preseason Division I rankings — appears poised to regain the form that helped the Red capture consecutive top-5 finishes in the NCAA tournament the previous two years.
“I don’t think we’ve ever returned three All-Americans to the team in the history of Cornell wrestling,” said head coach Rob Koll. “We have the basis for one of the best teams we’ve ever had, as long as we stay healthy.”

10 Questions with Mariye Wick

Before the women’s soccer team’s final game of the season this weekend, Sun Assistant Sports Editor Lance Williams juggled around with senior Mariye Wick. Williams has yet to recover from the blow to the head.

1. You teased me about saying your name wrong before, so how do you actually pronounce it? For the record, I thought it was Maria. But you said that was wrong so what is it?
That is what a lot of people say. It’s actually Mahr-e-yay.
Wow. I was way off.
You weren’t so bad. I go by Mari though, M-A-R-I.
But this begs the question, where does a name like that come from?

10 Questions With Jimmy Wyner

After earning second team All-Ivy honors at Heps this past weekend, senior co-captain Jimmy Wyner wrapped up his final cross country season. Before preparing for the track season, Wyner took some time to feel the pain with Sun Assistant Sports Editor Lance Williams.

1. I must say that in my history of being a 10 Questions writer, I have never received the flood of emails that I got on Jimmy Wyner’s behalf.
So this is going to be very interesting. My first question is do you have any nicknames on the team?
Yeah, I have a few nicknames.
What’s your favorite one.
I would have to say ‘T.O.’ from one of the women’s coaches.
Why is that?