Cornell Welcomes Flo Milli to Campus

On Saturday, April 23, Flo Milli and special guests Tkay Maidza and Réne Ortiz will perform at a concert in Barton Hall, presented by the Cornell Concert Commission and the Multicultural Funding Advisory Board. The concert will be  open to the Cornell community and general public. 

The Cornell Concert commission and the Multicultural Funding Advisory Board are responsible for organizing and hosting concerts on campus, working with various artists to provide entertainment for the campus community. Miles Greenblatt ’22, executive director of the Concert Commission, took part in the decision of which artists to attempt to host, described Flo Milli as an exciting young rapper that many students were incredibly interested in seeing perform. Greenblatt said that students from the Concert commission Multicultural Funding Advisory Board, and other organizations across campus have been asking for Flo Milli to come to campus for over a year. 

“It is also always important to us to bring artists that represent a wide variety of students,” Greenblatt said. “Early on, all of our in-person hip-hop shows have featured male rappers, [so] this was an excellent opportunity to bring an artist that is exciting to a lot of students, and to have Black women both headlining and opening a CCC hip-hop show for the first time in over a decade.”.