Skorton Hosts Forum About Economic Plan

Yesterday afternoon, President David Skorton spoke to faculty, staff and students in Bailey Hall about the effect of the current economic crisis on the University.
“After looking at the situation, I still can not be exactly sure of what the downturn in the economy is going to do to Cornell,” he said. Still, he stressed that “we need to approach this calmly.”[img_assist|nid=33350|title=Looking ahead|desc=President David Skorton speaks about C.U.’s response to financial troubles and fielded questions from the audience.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Prof Stresses Importance Of Reproductive Justice

Yesterday, feminist author and activist Roslyn Petchesky spoke about the changing rhetoric of choice, specifically in regards to reproductive justice.
Throughout her speech, which was attended by approximately 50 women and less than 10 men, Petchesky related the rhetoric of choice and reproductive justice to economics, healthcare, racial equality, the environment and the upcoming political election. [img_assist|nid=33269|title=Choices|desc=Prof. Roslyn Petchesky of CUNY-Hunter, gives a lecture in Myron Taylor about reproductive justsice yesterday.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

Kids of All Ages Swarm C.U. For Annual Insectapalooza

Living at Cornell, it is easy to forget about people outside the age range of 18 to 22 actually exist. But Saturday afternoon, the Cornell Entomology Department’s fifth annual Insectapalooza brought hordes of small children and their parents face to face with populations of furry spiders, scorpions, vinegaroons, roaches and more.
This year’s Insectapalooza included two full insect zoo rooms busting at the seams with countless types of insects for guests to view in Comstock Hall’s classrooms.
Marie Taylor, a public affairs officer at Cornell, brought her two grandsons to the event.

Internship Credit Varies by College

Six weeks into her freshman year in the College of Human Ecology, Laura Morrison ’12 is already planning her next three summers.
Morrison, who has high hopes of becoming a doctor, wants to shadow a dermatologist or intern at a hospital. Increasingly across all fields, a high-profile internship is necessary to secure a top job or to get into the best graduate school, but only in some colleges within Cornell does internship experience count for academic credit.

Despite Trends, Cornell Does Not Consider Facebook in Admissions

In addition to the common application and letters of recommendation to worry about, today’s college-bound students should give their Facebook profiles a second thought.
A Kaplan survey of 320 admissions officers from the country’s 500 top colleges and universities has uncovered that 10 percent of admissions officers have visited an applicant’s social networking site as part of their decision making process.
Also, according to that same Kaplan survey, 21 percent of colleges surveyed utilized social networking sites in order to learn about and recruit applicants. With more and more colleges factoring social networking sites into their evaluation process, most schools surveyed have no official policies regarding the use of social networking sites and have no plans to develop them.