All hail the King

In 2003-04, King James was named NBA Rookie of the Year, becoming the youngest player ever to win the award.

2 Rooms in a Home.

1 with private washroom. 10 month lease. $500/month/each. Includes all utilities, roadrunner, local phone, TV, W/D, off-street parking, kitchen & LR privileges, nature walk. M.D. Morris – 1311 E. State St. 272-2122.

Interview: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, a NYC band, will be playing at Risley Theater on April 25. Kip Berman, lead vocalist and guitarist, spoke to Sun Staff writer Will Cordeiro about his influences and aspirations. Will Cordeiro is also the Artist at Residence at Risley Hall and was involved in booking the band for the event.

SUN: How does it feel now that your first album came out? Are you happy with it and pleased with the success that it’s finding; how have you been dealing with success?

Kip Berman: It hasn’t really changed us: we’re doing what we always wanted to be doing. We just have more opportunities to tour and travel. It’s more just a change of venue. I mean, I’m still sitting in my same messy bedroom with the same piles of dirty laundry.

Crew Rolls From Boston to Conn.

Last weekend featured prime EARC lightweight rowing action as three-time defending national champions Cornell hit the road Friday morning to begin a trip to Boston, Mass., and Derby, Conn.
We departed Ithaca in the morning on Friday, allowing us time to rig our boats and practice on the course, in Boston, Friday afternoon. After a six-hour trip, a practice row in windy Boston, and a weigh-in, the team got to bed early Friday night.
To put it simply: Saturday was a long day. All five Cornell crews were up at 5 a.m. to prepare for the early morning races against Columbia and MIT. We arrived at the course by 6:15 a.m. and the races were soon underway.

Going the distance

The Lightweight crew spent last weekend all along the eastern seaboard.


Test Spin: The Bird and the Bee

Retro modes have the ability to usher in a renaissance of the styles they reference. They allow for historical attitudinizing and therefore can be more cunning and contextual than the originals they pay homage to.