VIVA LA VIRAL! Intertube Explorer

Last year, aged Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska, R) issued a rousing speech against network neutrality as only an eighty-something year old man could. Stevens described the internet as a series of “tubes” being stopped up by the large amounts of data streaming across the world. Flying in the face of both the conventional rules of network data protocol and conventional syntax for the English language, Stevens infamously related a story of personal woe arising from Internet data logjams. “I just the other day got … an internet was sent by my staff at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday. I got it yesterday,” Stevens mourned. “Why?

VIVA LA VIRAL! Close Up and Personal

My studies at Cornell and jobs in the Manhattan Indie film scene and Hollywood have taught me two things. Firstly, I’ve learned a good deal about both film theory and the business in general; and secondly, that I’d much prefer to while away the hours watching videos of dudes kicking each other in the nuts and hillbillies crashing their pickup trucks into telephone poles on the internet than studying or working.