Why Your Vote Counted More Than You Think

Election Day is almost a month behind us, and a healthy majority of the country — even healthier in Tompkins County — has been celebrating the victory of President-Elect Barack Obama. Still, I was amazed how many Cornell students I spoke with on Nov. 4, who did not vote. In such a historical election, I cannot understand how this is possible. For those people who used the excuse “my vote doesn’t count in liberal Ithaca, New York” — you were wrong. Here is why:

This year in Tompkins County, two U.S. House of Representatives seats were up for election, as well as seats in the State Senate and State Assembly. Thanks to the


Mix-Use Developments? Make Sure that Comes with Parking!

This August, I joined in the tradition that so many Cornell undergraduates are fortunate enough to enjoy: living in Collegetown. Walking back and forth from my College Ave. apartment to my car moving all my things, I felt in many ways the same as I felt moving into Donlon Hall on North Campus my freshman year. Excitement for this new sense of freedom, some anxiety about the unknown and a little bit of awkwardness as I looked around and got the feeling that everyone could see I was an amateur in this atmosphere that was clearly “so college”.