ANNNDDD… we’re back! Another school year, another Sun redesign. The project du jour? Red Letter Daze. Just last semester I ran a series on the new look for Daze . We completely revamped the section’s style for its premiere in a new magazine format.
Well, the recession’s hit America hard folks, and even well endowed institutions like the Daily Sun need to make cuts. Opinion was shaved down to two pages, and Daze will now appear back in tabloid form.
Our task in the design department was to preserve the “look and feel” of the magazine while adopting it to the new format — a longer, more traditional page size. Other changes include fewer color pages.

Darwin Days Designs

Last week’s post looked at graphics that appear in the Sun’s new science section, so I figured this week I’d discuss the pages themselves. As already mentioned, Science is among the more “magazine-y” sections of the newspaper, running longer feature stories and interviews. The first page has, so far, almost invariably held a single unified feature (though sometimes multiple stories within this feature).
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