Put A Little Science in Your Life

Okay, so it turns out I wear quite a few hats down at the Sun. Most people happen to know me for the column I write in the opinion section (sex, politics and Palestine… basically). The majority of my time actually working on the paper however is spent working for the design department. And then there’s a little project I started last semester that goes by the name of “The Science Section.”

The story goes like this: one day I was sitting in the gorge sunbathing with Arts Editor Julie Block ’09 and Design Editor Carol Zou ’09. And I turn to them, and say “you know, the Sun needs a science section.” Three weeks, two staff recruiting sessions, three draft proposals and a few all nighters later, well the Sun had a science section.

Dazed and Confused: A Design Adventure Part II

Welcome back to Daze of Our Lives…. Oh boy, the puns keep coming! This is Part II in a series about the design of the new (ish) weekend magazine, Daze. Issue two is on stands around Ithaca today! Let’s continue our design blow-by-blow by continuing through the first issue.