With My Fabulous Fall Fashion Guide, You Have No Excuse to Dress Poorly

First, I would like to express my excitement for the wonderful month of October. If you aren’t as excited as I am, I’d like to bring up a few things that just might persuade you to share my feelings: Fall Break, Sweater/blazer weather (well at least in New York) and a holiday that might be the most entertaining of the year, Halloween. So to give you a helping hand from a faraway place, let us address these October occurrences and how you can look your best.

Please Get Your Reality TV Off My Fashion

Well, good morning, it is Thursday, the college version of TGIF, at least for most Hotelies. First, I’d like to take this very public opportunity to say, I MISS YOU CORNELL! I miss all of the Nell. My friends, J.O.’s, all of my frenemies (KIDDING), Wegman’s, The Island gym (but not the parking lot) and last but certainly not least, Statler Hall. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you and no worries, I will be back soon.

I Know You Missed Me, But I Did Not Miss Your Leggings

So if we were having this conversation in person, right now I’d probably be saying “O.M.G.! How was your summer? And where did you get those wonderful gladiator sandals?” or “O.M.G., WHO ARE YOU? I love that school bag! It has no hint of Vera in it, you must be a freshman!” Alas, the reality is that in my absence from campus, you could very well be carrying a Vera Bradley bag, or even worse, wearing your Uggs to spite me.

The Bias Cut (5-1-2008)

Is it just me, or is Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” simply impossible to get out of one’s head during weeks like these?! Well, either way, keep a kleenex handy, as, sadly, it’s just about time for our own dramatic farewell.
Last year, upon receiving an email asking me to write for The Cornell Daily Sun, my initial thought was, “That’s sweet, but probably not going to happen.” I’d heard great things about the paper, but couldn’t claim to be an avid reader. Now, reflecting upon the experience one year later, the supporting fans, angry blogs and occasional “LOL”s all add up to an overall very pleasant surprise.

Bias Cut (04-24-2008)

Let me start this weeks dialogue by admitting to The Bias Cut readers that I have caught senioritis. Not only have I caught senioritis, but I have finally even begun to appreciate the college experience. And if you are asking yourself, “how did he get senioritis, he isn’t even a senior?” you’re exactly on target.

Bias Cut (4-17-08)

Though I might have been mad at you several times last week for not retiring those down jackets and Uggs, I am formally apologizing. I have heard all about the snow early Sunday morning (I definitely didn’t not see light until 2pm) and have felt the frost bite coming on since Monday, a direct result of my refusal to put away my flip flops or spring loafers (thankfully Spring appears to be here to stay now). Since, in the next two weeks, most of us Cornell students will be packed into the library, exhausted, on lots of red bull and/or too wasted as a result of senioritis, lets get to one of the most important days of the Cornell academic calendar, Slope Day.

Bias Cut (4-10-08)

Though Cornell did not defeat the Syracuse lacrosse team Tuesday night, CTB was not filled with sad faces after the game was over. In fact, the line for Sangria was rather lively for a weeknight. This might be evidence of the power of springtime, when the daily routine of running home in the cold and parking in front of the TV starts shifting towards “getting the hell outside.”
Some people clearly weren’t waiting for this memo to come from me, as College Avenue was quite the bustling scene on Sunday — filled with barbeque-goers and sunbathers.

Bias Cut (4-3-08)

Tuesday’s warm weather and occasional sunshine had me feeling like spring break might have followed us all the way back to Ithaca. (I will keep my fingers crossed for your sake that the random sophomore you met at the University of Oregon isn’t close behind.)
In any case, although you can safely pack up those sandy bathing suits for the time being, it does seem fitting to adjust our collective mindset from those North Faces and scarves towards lighter spring ’08 attire. It’s a new month, a new season and a new life — free of those fake bags that were bogging you down. So let’s celebrate the buds on the trees and think about all the fun events we can look forward to get dressed up for.

Bias Cut (3-27-2008)

I’d like to give a big Welcome back to you and your new sunburn and (or tan). Isn’t it nice not to have to awkwardly explain that your glow is from the tanning bed?
Although I did suffer a bit of a burn (which eventually turns to tan, right?), I managed to enjoy myself while getting a taste of Argentinian culture, which might have included more than a little bit of wine. However, despite being the eternal optimist, I did manage to find a thing or two that annoyed me over the course of spring vacation (I know, shocking).

Bias Cut (3-13-08)

I wish I were able to start this article off with a “Happy Memorial Day!” exclamation that was more than just a cruel joke. I wish that the three months ahead were to be filled outdoor tennis, swim up bars, and weekly use of your adorable new J. Crew suit. I wish that black athletic socks would cease to exist.
Alas, we can only ask for so many things, and so you are going to have to enjoy the summer tease of spring break for just one week before returning to the snow of our beloved Ithaca. But let me not downplay the importance of paying attention to your attire during spring break; the sun, chlorine, and that seventh pina colada are not sufficient excuses for a mismatched two-piece bathing suit or a bright orange beach towel around your waist.