Students held a vigil to honor the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Students Stand Vigil In Honor of Victims of the Easter Sunday Sri Lanka Attacks

As the wind gently blew across Ho Plaza on Wednesday, it carried the voices of people sharing their connections to Sri Lanka and the people whose lives were lost on Easter Sunday. Students from all different backgrounds, ages and disciplines faced each other in a wide circle, candles given out by the organizers in hand.

Author of poetry collections Ordinary Heaven, Sillerman First Book Prize-winning The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony and a new work by the name of Exiles of Eden to be released May 7, Osman has a repertoire of work that is honest and powerful, said event coordinator Prof. Cristina Correa, English.

Award-Winning Poet, Whose Work Highlights ‘Race, Gender, Displacement and Colonialism,’ To Read at Cornell

“A voice like Ladan’s, I think, tends to be a bit hidden by … other voices,” said Prof. Cristina Correa, English, in a phone interview with The Sun. “I think what she’s doing on the page is very powerful, especially coming from a black woman in this country right now, an African immigrant voice, a Muslim voice, and also her attention to include visuals in her work.”