Two Cornell professors, Prof. Suzanne Mettler and Prof. Esra Ackan will be studying in Cambridge, M.A. next year for the Radcliffe Fellowship.

Two Professors Will Spend Next Year at Harvard as Radcliffe Fellows

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship accepts only 3.7 percent of applicants annually — and next year, two Cornell professors will transition from Ithaca to Boston, pursuing advanced intersectional studies in the fields of government and architecture as a part of the highly competitive program.

Students held a vigil to honor the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Students Stand Vigil In Honor of Victims of the Easter Sunday Sri Lanka Attacks

As the wind gently blew across Ho Plaza on Wednesday, it carried the voices of people sharing their connections to Sri Lanka and the people whose lives were lost on Easter Sunday. Students from all different backgrounds, ages and disciplines faced each other in a wide circle, candles given out by the organizers in hand.