Dean Alexander Colvin launched the podcast "WORK" to discuss the future of labor and employment.

ILR Dean Delves Into World of Work in New Podcast

Podcast lovers need look no further: In late October, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations dean, Alex Colvin, launched a podcast titled “WORK! Exploring the Future of Work, Labor and Employment.” In each episode, Colvin hosts a discussion with a guest on interesting topics relating to labor.

The list of notable people with ice cream flavors in their honor includes former and current University presidents, Joe Biden, and others.

A Scoop of Tradition: The Special Ice Cream Flavors Made for Cornell’s Presidents, Deans and More

The Dairy Bar has a tradition of dedicating ice cream flavors to important figures, such as University presidents, college deans and special guests. Cornell’s current president Martha E. Pollack is just the most recent continuation of this unique custom: Her “Bits and Bytes” flavor gets its tongue-in-cheek name from her artificial intelligence research.

This is an example of the Cornell Notes system.

Do Cornell Students Still Use the Cornell Note-Taking System?

During WWII, a colonel from Alaska asked Prof. Emeritus Walter J. Pauk to draft a brief guide on how to teach his soldiers to read and study effectively for their correspondence courses. The guide soon evolved into Pauk’s 1962 best-selling book, How to Study in College, and attracted international acclaim for its revolutionary study technique: the Cornell Note-Taking System. The Cornell Note-Taking System involves writing questions in the margin to summarize large chunks of information. The learning system relies on a revision technique called “recitation,” where students answer the questions, then without looking at their notes, recall what they’ve learnt. “By relating newly learned conceptual material that is stored in the left brain, to a visualized object stored in the right brain, you can efficiently affect long-term memory,” Pauk said in a 1998 interview with the Journal of Developmental Education.

The next Weekly Wegmans Runs are Dec. 2 and 9.

Cornell Minds Matter Offers Weekly Wegmans Runs

Members of the Cornell community are now able to take advantage of a unique opportunity offered by Cornell Minds Matter to get their grocery shopping done. Weekly Wegmans Run, started this semester, allows individuals free transportation to and from Wegmans on Mondays.