Interview with Luke Pichini ’22

Normally reporting from Lynah Rink, Newman Arena and other athletic facilities, Luke Pichini ’22, assistant sports editor, now interviews and writes remotely from home. The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way the sports department works, but has also created opportunities to think outside the box.

Interview with Anil Oza ’22

Since March 10, a group of science editors and writers at The Sun have dedicated tremendous time and energy to covering the rapidly evolving coronavirus. They hope to explain the science behind the virus in the most simple and accurate ways. Science editor Anil Oza ’22 shares what the past few weeks have been like for him and his team.

Interview with Ari Dubow ’21

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges and disruptions to everyone’s lives, but Ari Dubow ‘21, The Sun’s city editor, is as committed as ever to bringing you timely and reliable Ithaca news. In the last week, he has published almost daily, sometimes more than one article a day, documenting the effect of the coronavirus on the Ithaca airport, TCAT buses, local businesses and churches.

Interview with Raphy Gendler ’21

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has forced Raphy Gendler ’21, former sports editor, to cut short his semester abroad in Milan, Italy. Back in Ithaca, he now reports on the coronavirus and its impact on the Cornell and Ithaca community. He recently published an article detailing the economic impacts of the virus on the local businesses and promises he will continue to bring you the latest news and updates

Interview with Benjamin Velani ’22

From investigating the changing bar culture to growing his own produce, Benjamin Velani ’22, The Sun’s dining editor, can always be counted on for food tips and advice! He shares what else the dining department has in store for readers — stay tuned and get excited!

Interview with Anu Subramaniam ’20

Before becoming The Sun’s editor in chief on the 137th editorial board, Anu Subramaniam ’20 reported extensively on the Greek community. She shared with the newsletter team on how she approaches the topic — with objectivity, transparency and empathy.

Interview with Boris Tsang ’21

Visual storytelling is an integral part of what we do. Photos taken by Boris Tsang ’21, The Sun’s photography editor, have appeared in over 700 articles at The Sun. His photos have also been featured in ESPN, CBS News, and the Cornell Chronicle. The newsletter team interviewed Boris on what it takes to capture those perfect moments.