On 4/20, Libertarians Protest Fed. Laws Against Marijuana

4/20 was more than just a day of munchie-filled happiness for some students. Yesterday, the Cornell Libertarians held a protest on Ho Plaza titled End Drug Prohibition in honor of the annual pro-marijuana holiday. The protest, calling for marijuana legalization, was attended by the members of the club with a few onlookers outside the Straight yesterday afternoon. Members of the Libertarians wore signs that read “Let Freedom Blaze”, “Free People Free Choices” and “End the Drug War.”
President of Cornell Libertarians Michael Cretz ’11 explained the group’s goal was to bring these issues relating to individual liberty to the attention of Cornell students.

Recession May Prompt Early Graduations

Graduating a semester or even a year early, while not the norm, is becoming an attractive option for many undergrads across the country and at Cornell as well.
The cost of attending a university has dramatically increased nationwide in recent years. Many parents and students alike are feeling the impact of increasing tuition and room and board costs. For the 2009-2010 academic year, Cornell’s undergraduate tuition in endowed colleges will increase by four percent, which is less than the increase in previous years. But tuition will also rise by 7.2 percent in statutory colleges.

Univ. Pulls Peanut Products Off Shelves

The Food and Drug Adminstration is currently working with the Center for Disease Control to determine the origin of the outbreak.
In response to the outbreak, a special notice was posted on Cornell Dining’s website assuring the Cornell Community of its attentiveness to the FDA’s warnings about Salmonella in various peanut butter products.
“All related peanut butter products have been pulled from the shelves in Cornell Dining’s retail and convenience store outlets, as well as those in our all you care to eat facilities. These items will remain off the shelf until a definitive finding is made public by the FDA,” the notice stated.

City Bucks Allegedly Creates Uneven Playing Field Among Vendors

For some students living off-campus, City Bucks provides a convenient alternative to cash. For businesses, however, City Bucks can mean much more than a mere convenience.
City Bucks allows registered students and faculty with a current and valid Cornell ID to make purchases at numerous participating off-campus restaurants and supermarkets.
Although interest in joining the City Bucks program still remains high among many restaurants and vendors in Collegetown and the surrounding area, the program has not been accepting any new vendor in the past several years.

Collegetown Eateries Evade Competition

If you want a grilled chicken salad in Collegetown, it might be harder to find one than you think. When a customer at Jack’s Collegetown Grill ordered a grilled chicken salad recently, she was disappointed to find out that the item was not on the menu. The employee explained that salads were not offered on the menu as a result of a non-competition agreement with many of the restaurants in the area, particularly on Dryden Rd. She offered to sell a salad with grilled chicken separately, and the customer was told to just combine them.