Simplify: A Think Piece

Simplify. One word. So much power. Isn’t it peculiar that we all have heard of the quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and yet we still stick to complexity in our daily routines? We keep constructing loose sentences in our essays, hoping this will convince our readers that we are aware of the topic.

Did You Fall in Love or Limerence?

Apart from enjoying the content, an incredible feature of movies and books is being able to learn from the characters’ experiences and reflect on your own by applying any knowledge you’ve gained to analyze what interests you the most. In this article, I want to discuss the term “limerence” to help you understand whether you’re going through limerence, thinking that you fell in love, by using the movie Ruby Sparks as an example. The main character Calvin is a famous writer who struggles with social anxiety. He has a peculiar dog, and he can’t get used to its behavior. His only friend is his brother, and besides attending book presentations, he occasionally visits his therapist.