GUEST ROOM | Cornell Fails to Protect Palestinian, Muslim and Arab Students

Dear Cornell University Administration, President Martha Pollack, the Board of Trustees and the Office of Investments,

As we write, the world continues to bear witness to Israel’s campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people — a campaign that has been socially normalized and supported both politically and financially by AIPAC-backed U.S. politicians. Recently, Israel’s campaign has been brought to trial at The Hague following global accusations and evidence that Israel has violated the Genocide Convention. We, the undersigned alumni of Cornell University, amplify the sentiments expressed by alumni from other institutions, and vehemently condemn Cornell’s response to the ongoing atrocities. 

As the horrific events unfold in Gaza, President Martha Pollack called for the mourning of the lives lost in the Middle East and cited the devastation in Israel, without any mention of Palestine or the death toll in Gaza, which has now reached more than  26,750 Palestinians killed. We, alumni of conscience, are appalled by this hypocrisy in the official stance taken by Cornell. We remind the administration that Cornell has consistently neglected its moral duty to condemn the ongoing genocide in Gaza.