MEHLER | Ithaca Fun-Uncle Activities

Now halfway through my junior year,  having survived a college experience colored by the COVID-19 pandemic, family members outside of my immediate family have finally been allowed to come visit Cornell and Ithaca after hearing me talk about campus for years.  

MEHLER | Redraw Your Own Lines

The attempts to silence the voices of college communities are hopefully fading, with the most recent release of New York’s maps for 2022-2032 starting to include college communities together.  After the New York Independent Redistricting Commission did not come to a consensus on one set of maps, the Democratic and Republican halves of the NYIRC each drafted their own “Letterss” and “Names” variants.  At the Congressional, Senate, and Assembly levels, the Democratic “Letters” maps include Cornell with its surrounding collegiate communities.  In the Congressional map, Tompkins County stands unified with Cornell, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland, TC3, and Syracuse University all under one roof.  The Senate map combines the Ithaca schools with Binghamton University while the Assembly map keeps Cornell and Ithaca College congregated with the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County.  

MEHLER | Choosing To Be An Ithacan

Coming to Cornell, I believe all students understand that they are choosing to make Cornell one of their homes. What we seem to  forget (and what I forgot as a 17-year-old applicant), is that we also have  the opportunity to choose Ithaca as our home when we choose Cornell. Whether you arrived as a freshman or transferred as a junior, Ithaca is where we live, eat, work and sleep. Ithaca provides for us, and we in turn provide for Ithaca. It’s our choice  to identify as Ithacans or just temporary visitors.