‘Cocaine Bear’: Exactly What it Sounds Like

There have not been many movie trailers as of late that have excited me as much as Cocaine Bear’s did. Cocaine Bear has a simple premise: A bear who ingests cocaine goes on a wild massacre, eating anything and everything it encounters while running amok. One aspect that drew me and many others to this story is the fact that this movie is based on true events. 

There was, in fact, a bear that ate cocaine and was dropped into the Georgia forest by a drug smuggler in 1985. However, the movie contains  quite a bit of embellishment of details, which makes it more entertaining, since a movie about a bear eating cocaine and dying peacefully in its sleep would make for a pretty boring watch. 

The movie features several intertwining plotlines that are based around the lost cocaine and the bear, all of which I found myself invested in. The first is that of Dee Dee (Brooklyn Price) and Henry (Christian Convery), two elementary schoolers who decide to skip school and go to Chattahoochee for the day.

The Whale: Fraser Gives A Larger than Life Performance

Darren Aronofsky is a director who is no stranger to outside-of-the-box films. Whether it be the stark portrayal of drug addiction in Requiem for a Dream, or the depiction of an obsessed performer in Black Swan, he is known for capturing a grandiose and ominous feeling in his genre of choice: Psychological thrillers. In Dec. 2022, he released The Whale, which is a large step away from his typical style in the A24-produced film. 

This is Aronofsky’s first movie in five years, and he brings back Brendan Fraser, a familiar face to the big screen who has also been away from the limelight as of late. Fraser plays the main character Charlie, a 600-pound man whose main goal is to reconnect with his estranged daughter Ellie, played by Stranger Things star Sadie Sink. Other characters around him include his caregiver and friend Jane, his ex-wife and a Christian missionary who goes door-to-door trying to convert Charlie.