In ‘Public Health Plea’, Lombardi Urges Students to Stop Partying

But please understand – hosting or attending a large party is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing in this moment. There are many Cornellians and community members who are particularly vulnerable to this rapidly spreading virus. We are a small town that has a limited capacity to care for all of those who could be impacted should the virus continue to spread locally.

‘When Cornell Leaves, Our Business Goes Away’: Ithaca Businesses Brace for Impact of C.U.’s Move to Online Classes

“We used to have a nine-month business and now we’re down to seven,” Collegetown Bagels and Rulloff’s owner Gregor Brous said. “So if we lose April and May then we’re down to five this year.” George Papachryssanthou, who owns a downtown restaurant and two Collegetown stores, said “There’s no way to sugarcoat it. … It’s gonna hurt.”