Little Houses Made of Ticky-Tacky

Revolutionary Road opens with a party scene: a woman who wants to be an actress meets a man who doesn’t quite know what he wants to be, so long as he gets to be interesting, and she finds this to be extremely alluring. They dance, lock eyes and the scene cuts to many years later. After vows, two children and a house in the suburbs, April Wheeler has failed as an actress, her husband Frank has taken a meaningless office job and the disillusionment of the “hopeless emptiness” has settled into the wreckage that’s become of their beautiful, beloved ideal.

Student Artist Spotlight: Brodyman

He make beats, he raps … he apparently even freestyles on the harmonica, a fun fact which I learned this afternoon during an impromptu performance while I prepared to learn all about the man behind the music. From where I’m sitting (in his studio, where all the magic happens) it seems as though there isn’t much that Cornell’s own Brody Ehrlich ’10, also known as “Brodyman,” can’t do…

Sun: So Brodyman, tell me about what you do.

Brody Ehrlich: Basically, what I do is music production, I make a lot of hip hop and R&B beats for a few different artists, the main one being my friend Mitch Raw from home who I grew up with.

Sun: How does that work?

Isn't it Bromantic?

Slope Media Group is an incredibly impressive student organization for a number of reasons. Run entirely by students, in just a few years Slope has built itself up from nothing but a few kids with a big dream to a few kids with a functional multi-media platform, with which you can not only learn how to edit online video, broadcast live radio shows and publish a magazine, but go on to use these skills to say whatever you want to whoever’s listening (or reading… or watching).
For students who crave hands-on media experience and a forum to share their opinions and creativity with the Cornell Community, Slope Media Group offers one of a kind opportunities. Unfortunately, sometimes students have the forum but just don’t have anything to say.