Brain Foods

I’m sitting in the library. The dim, diffused light seems to be as foggy as my brain right now. There are hundreds of flashcards spread in front of me, blurring together in all the colors of the rainbow. My head is incapable of memorizing the hundreds of species of whatever it is I’m supposed to be studying. I gulp down a rejuvenating cup of coffee and I’m able to focus for another fifteen minutes.

As Cornell students, we’ve all had the overwhelming sensation that our brains just can’t function any longer. The thick fog of exhaustion prevents us from cramming even the tiniest piece of information into our brains. Personally, I’m pretty sick of it. And just to spite my hazy head, I did a little research on what the best foods for thought are.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Guys have it easy. Shelves around this time are overflowing with pink frilly cards, over sized heart-shaped boxes of Russell Stover’s chocolates, and cheesy displays of flowers padded with so much baby’s breath that you can barely see the single wilting rose tucked away in the center. All you men have to do is hand over something pink and pretty and the girl swoons, or so says every stereotypical advertisement for Valentine’s Day. So with America’s media catering all Valentine’s Day gifts towards women, what on earth is the other side of the relationship supposed to do? To find the solution, I set out on a mission to make the manliest of all Valentine’s Day meals.

Alluring Aphrodisiacs

How many people actually understand food? We know how it tastes and we know when it is good for us, but do we know how it works and how to make it taste its best? As a sophomore nutrition student, I have dedicated my time to demystifying the great unknowns of food. Growing up in a family with a deeply rooted Italian heritage has nurtured me to be the self-proclaimed “foodie” that I am today. I am wildly passionate about chocolate, sushi, red wine, and freshly baked bread. Unfortunately, my favorite indulgences don’t quite mesh with my hopes to lead a nutritious lifestyle. Instead, I am embarking on an ambitious pursuit to discover delicious, yet healthful foods.