New Institute Will Focus on Improving Health Care

An inaugural celebration will be held today for the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures — a new institute formed by a collaboration between the College of Human Ecology and the School of Hotel Administration. The institute, located in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, will focus on improving aspects of the healthcare industry through a multidisciplinary approach. Prof. Rohit Verma, hotel administration, executive director of the institute, detailed the institute’s mission to cross disciplines and develop multiple strategies for improving healthcare. “The new institute was officially launched on July 1 this year and its mission is to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for integrating hospitality, policy and design thinking to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries,” Verma said. “The institute’s mission includes curriculum development, research and engagement with industry.”
Verma stressed the innovativeness of the institute, saying this new approach has the potential to redefine the experiences of professionals and patients in the industry.