Delayed First Snowfall in Ithaca Reflects Changing Climate Patterns

On Monday, Ithaca received its first flurries of snow of the winter season — almost two weeks later than last year. Cornell experts explained that this delayed start could be an indicator of the season to come, with more precipitation falling as rain instead of snow reflecting broader changes in climate.

Warm and Rainy Weather Delays Ithaca Fall Foliage

This season has seen peak fall foliage well past October, which is two weeks later than the peak season of last year. Prof. Taryn Bauerle, plant biology, explained that while warmer temperatures and increased rainfall contributed to the delay in the leaves changing color, minor variations in weather can be expected year-to-year.

Contribution From Cornell Prof. Catalyzes the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to David MacMillan and Benjamin List, who are credited for developing asymmetric organocatalysis — a way of catalyzing reactions using organic molecules to form specific copies of a compound. This tool increases the capabilities of medicinal chemistry. MacMillan and List, director at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, came across the concept simultaneously yet an ocean apart in the late 1990s. 

Cornell Vet Turns Rhino Transport on its Head

Prof. Robin Radcliffe, wildlife veterinarian and director of the Cornell Conservation Medicine program, and his team were recognized for taking wild rhino transportation airborne with the Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates “scientific achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.”

Cornellians Reflect on Challenges of Online Lab Courses, Express Excitement for In-Person Instruction

As many courses transitioned smoothly from in person to online instruction at the start of the pandemic, Cornell laboratory instructors completely transformed their courses to accommodate for the lack of one key component — hands-on learning.

Now back in person, both students and professors expressed enthusiasm about the return to normalcy in the laboratory.