Pataki Provides Positive Outlook to A Grim Economy

“Raise your hand if you’re a senior … You’re screwed,” George E. Pataki jokingly told Cornell undergraduates searching for jobs in the face of “tough economic times.”
In his lecture titled, “Economy in Crisis: An Insider’s View on the State of the Economy,” Pataki, the former governor of New York, made efforts yesterday to boost the spirits of his audience at Bailey Hall, telling them “to keep [their] eyes on the big picture.”
Pataki pointed to the optimistic and pragmatic character of the American people as well as to the limited nature of the nation’s government as innate qualities that will ensure that the United States will weather the current economic storm.

AAP Honors Land Art at Cornell With Installation

Approximately 50 students from the College of Architecture, Art and Planning took over the Arts Quad as part of an installation Saturday, filling the normally green space with 2,800 red straw-filled sacks (19” wide x 32” high).
The sacks will be distributed in a “10 feet by 10 feet regular grid that will follow the natural slope of the ground surface,” according to the University. Visiting critics Mauricio Pezo, Sofia von Ellrinchshausen and Yehre Suh are directing the 50 students in their Field project.

[img_assist|nid=36791|title=Hay Fever|desc=Students work to fill and transport bags as part of the field project installation on the Arts Quad on Saturday.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]

No school

Protests take place at Place de la Bastille in Paris this semester as teachers attempt to break from state control.

Yahoo! Aids University In Computer Research

Cornell researches will have greater access to Internet-scale supercomputers for conducting systems and applications research as a result of Yahoo! granting the University access to its cloud computing cluster, ccording to a Yahoo! Research press release.
In an effort to expand its cooperation with top U.S. universities, Yahoo! Inc. will collaborate with Cornell, U.C. Berkeley and University of Massachusetts at Amherst, along with Carnegie Mellon. Yahoo!’s cloud computing cluster will enable Cornell, along with these other universities, to conduct research of large-scale systems software rand explore new applications.

S.A. Votes 'Yes' on Transfer House

S.A. members were busy at yesterday’s meeting in the Straight, passing two resolutions and tabling a third.
With a vote of 15 to 1, the S.A. voiced its support of the Collegetown Urban Plan and Design Guidelines, urging the University to follow suit and publicly announce its support as well. The S.A. supports the Goody Clancy version of the Collegetown plan since it raises the maximum height of building in the center of Collegetown to 90 feet.
In an interview after the meeting, Asa Craig ’11, Arts and Sciences representative, emphasized the need for the City of Ithaca to take into account the views of Cornell students.

Cornell Deems 10 Percent Of Admitted Students Enrollment Priorities

As Cornell admitted its potential Class of 2013, Deputy Provost David Harris estimated on Monday that around 10 percent of these students were deemed “selected students” under the University’s new financial aid initiative, which hopes to recruit “enrollment priorities” more aggressively.
This year’s admissions results, which the University announced on March 31, reported a 19.1 percent admit rate. This percentage translates into a total admittance of 6,567 students.
Cornell administrators announced a new financial aid plan last November, with one of the three components aimed at attracting “selected students” with higher quality of aid packages.

City Officials Try to Move Past Conflicts Over C-Town

In a joint meeting of the Ithaca Planning and Economic Development Committee and the Planning and Development Board that lasted well over three hours, Ithaca civil servants attempted to hash out the details of Part 1 of the 2009 Collegetown Urban Plan and Conceptual Design Guidelines, as it is now called. This plan will guide the development of Collegetown for the foreseeable future.
As the Planning and Development Board has to recommend a proposed plan to be considered for adoption by the Common Council, this meeting was an effort to further the process by bringing council members of the Planning and Economic Development Committee together to discuss the shortcomings and merits of the newest version of the Collegetown plan with the Planning and Development Board.

City Residents Sue Companies for Contamination

After years of frustration, residents concerned about toxic pollution in the South Hill area have filed a class action lawsuit against Emerson Power Transmission, Emerson Electric Co., Burns International Services Corp and BorgWarner Inc.
Formerly inhabited by Morse Chain Factory, the area under questions was shown to have high levels of trichloroethylene contamination, 1.1 million parts per billion, according to a 1989 test, The Ithacan reported. A 2006 report found measurable levels of TCE in South Hill area and suggested that future testing should be pursued to determine changes in ground water levels and seasonal changes affecting TCE vapor intrusion into South Hill basements.

David Friehling ’81, Madoff’s Accountant, Arrested in Ponzi Scheme

David Friehling ’81, Bernard Madoff’s chief auditor, is the first person after Madoff to be charged in connection with the $65 billion Ponzi scheme that fooled 4,800 investors. After surrendering at the federal courthouse in Manhattan on Wednesday morning, Friehling was released on a bail of $2.5 million that afternoon.
Friehling, who is 49 years old, was charged with one count of securities fraud, one count of aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud, and four counts of making false Securities and Exchange Commission filings, according to the Associated Press. If found guilty on all charges, Friehling could face up to 105 years in prison.