Bumpy road | Michael Sam spoke about his experience as the first openly gay NFL player in a lecture at Statler auditorium on Monday.

Michael Sam Addresses LGBT Inclusion in NFL Community

“[Being gay] may affect your ability of playing,” Sam said. “I was the top prospect and should have probably been in the first round of draft, but now I’m not even in the league. [Football] is a dirty business and there are a lot of backroom deals.”

Cornell professors say Trump's candidacy has transformed the Republican Party — and likely not for the better.

Has Trump Killed the Republican Party?

Several Cornell professors and students tell different stories of the roots and implications of Trump’s rise through GOP ranks. Their analysis diverges on whether the candidate has corrupted the Republican party or merely carried conservatives’ policy and rhetoric to their logical conclusions.

The process for transferring to each college can vary considerably. While all students looking to transfer must fill out the same internal transfer application, which asks applicants for a 600-word essay on why their “academic or career goals have led” them to “pursue an internal transfer,” some colleges have more requirements than others.

Transfer Students Forced to Live in North Campus Lounges

“Some were those who applied after the July 1 deadline,” he said. “Of course, some students apply after the deadline because they’ve been taken off a waitlist and [have] been told they were accepted after that deadline, so it’s not necessarily anyone’s ‘fault’ that they applied late.”