Ashton Kutcher and the 15 Minutes of Fame

It’s totally old news by now that Ashton Kutcher began coaching high school football. It’s such old news by now that it’s not even really funny anymore. Shock value made it amusing and, of course, Kutcher’s past as MTV’s original prankster made it semi-unbelievable. But now, a week later, nobody cares.
Actually, it’s not exactly that nobody seems to care, but more that the joke has sizzled out and died. Even the poor guy who just learned today about Ashton’s amazing career move will not laugh, and the corners of his lips will only tease upwards for a split second before he realizes he kinda-sorta missed the bus.

Kings of Leon: Only By The Night

The thumping bass, pulsating guitar and quickly clicking hi-hats move Kings of Leon’s newest single “Sex on Fire” determinedly, forcefully along. The song drives like an angry steam train. No matter how horribly corny that simile may be.
Caleb Followill sings with a relaxed anxiety or a tense detachment — that is to say, his voice strains in the upper bit of his register while he flutters just behind the beat. The performance imbues the track with urgency but also with a steady pulse.
Then comes the audacity of Followill’s lyrics. Think simply of the nerve in naming a track — and shouting the words repeatedly — “Sex on Fire.” It’s ridiculous. But it’s also entirely awesome.

Into Television Shows: The Problem With Olympic Pump-Up Jams

For me, “Sex on Fire” is the best single of this summer. I listen to it while I drive my car; while I tie my shoes; while I’m at the beach; while I’m at the gym. It amps me up and gets me in the zone.
If the song affects me so much and — for the purpose of this transition — is universally amazing and inspiring (that is, it affects others similarly), why didn’t every Olympian listen to it before competing?
Why didn’t Michael Phelps listen to the song before he swam?
My point: Kings of Leon wrote an amazing pump-up jam, and Michael Phelps was basically the most pumped-up dude this summer, so why didn’t Phelps rock out to Kings of Leon?

Slope Day Preview: Cranking Up the Hot Hot Heat

I fear the lyrics to Hot Hot Heat’s 2002 hit single will morph into reality following the drunken debauchery that will surely ensue on tomorrow on Slope Day. People will be singing, “Bandages, bandages, bandages / Up and down on my legs my arms from you!” But whether or not these words will simply be the result of a catchy, stick-in-your-head chorus or of a horrible drunken accident … I guess time will only tell.
Perhaps best known for “Bandages,” Hot Hot Heat has authored four best selling albums, which together include four top 50 hits. The band’s most recent album, Happiness Ltd., was released last year. Hot Hot Heat will perform second and directly before Gym Class Heroes tomorrow afternoon.

PostSecret Creator Frank Warren Spills His Own

Eyebrows were raised and tears were dropped equally this past Thursday when Frank Warren, the creator of, shared a selection of secrets during his visit to Bailey Hall.
PostSecret began in 2004. Since then, Warren has received over 200,000 post cards from anonymous contributors. He recently published his fourth book of secrets and his website has raised over $200,000 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-SUICIDE). Before the show, The Sun chatted with Warren about the secrets behind PostSecret.
The Sun: So why speak at colleges?
Frank Warren: I think that young people have the most amazing secrets. I think they’re at a point in their lives when they’re the most vital and exploring and searching for authenticity.

Student Compser Showcase: Contrapunkt! Take Two

On stage, brows were furrowed in concentration as student-musicians sawed back and forth on cellos. The music performed also jumped back and forth between styles, sounds and influences. But the applause from the audience was consistent — and unanimous.
The first-ever Contrapunkt! concert last November successfully premiered new pieces from six undergraduate composers. Jaws dropped at the skill of the amateur composers, and the diversity of pieces held the audience at the edges of their seats. On April 14, Contrapunkt! will return to Barnes Hall at 8 p.m. for its second group performance.