Kennett's Coaching Leads Heavyweights to Stellar Regular Season

There are few teams on campus that can boast a perfect regular season, but for the first time since 1974, heavyweight crew has earned those bragging rights after overcoming Yale and Princeton in the Ithaca-based Carnegie Cup. This spring, the Cornell oarsmen pulled ahead of the likes of Navy, Syracuse, Princeton, Yale and Georgetown, taking the first-place trophy at all four of their regular season races, all under the steady guidance of former lightweight IRA champion coach, and the new Head of Cornell Rowing, Cornell heavyweight Todd Kennett ’91.
“Todd is a madman.” said senior Jason Malumed, “He has a way of always pushing us to our physical and mental extremes.”

Innate Competitors Find Homes Among Red Rowers

You were seven years old when you first noticed it. Never satisfied with getting picked first for kickball on the blacktop, you needed to be the captain. Soon you were timing the kindergarteners’ 40-yard sprints to recruit early, and you suddenly found that your best friend was Todd Lung, the 5-10 fourth grader whose birth certificate was more questionable than those of the Chinese Olympic gymnastic team. Later in life, you probably turned into a three-sport athlete, P.E. all-star or a just a pick-up basketball fiend who calls backcourt violations and carries a playbook with his gym shorts. You are a competitor who lives for a challenge. And men’s varsity crew is looking for you.

Corbolotti Twins Reveal Telepathic Powers

Coming off an Ivy League-clinching victory over Brown, men’s lacrosse seniors Mike and Tom Corbolotti got a chance to try their telepathic twin communication skills on Sun Staff Writer Shannan Scarselletta. Scarselletta is still creeped out.

1. Thanks for coming guys. It’s been a while since we did a Sister Sister-style 10 Questions.
Mike and Tom [kind of together … weird]: Wait, we’re not your first? We thought we were the first threesome. This is so disappointing.
Well, you’re not the first ten questions threesome; that belongs to the Marks brothers. But we are the first with a girl involved. It used to be a whole lot of man.
Mike: Still, we were supposed to be the first.
Well, if it’s any consolation you’re my first tag-team.

A Boys Night Out: Knitting, Spandex, Miley Cyrus

Before welcoming Navy and Syracuse to Ithaca, junior heavyweight rower Jason Malumed took some time to sit down with Sun Staff Writer Shannan Scarselletta and teach her how to get her game face on through death metal music.

1. So I think I should start of with the most important question, the one that’s been on all our readers’ minds. What, exactly is the appeal of Miley Sirus?
I don’t know. She’s awesome. It’s kind of a joke on the team, but any time music is playing, you know, people need to put on more Miley Sirus. Last time they interviewed me in the Sun, I got quoted saying I’ve switched from techno to death metal. I’ve switched to Miley Sirus. If I don’t hear that song once a day, it’s not a good day for me.

Player Gives Account of Red's First Dance

“Don’t worry about the score. Just have fun out there.”
There are two meanings to this phrase, just have fun. The first is said to calm any leftover nerves of a talented, prepared team in the huddle before the tipoff of their championship game. The second calls to mind a small-town little league soccer team comprised of colorful misfits before they take on the ’roid-packed state champs comprised of post-juvie ruffians with chest hair.
In the one week between our victory over the Dartmouth Big Green, which had secured our berth in the NCAA tournament, and our first round televised game against the top-seeded University of Connecticut Big Freaking Monsters, the meaning of that phrase had shifted from the former to the latter for us.

10 Questions with Tim Bax

While a stifling defense was on its way to smothering the Bucknell offense, junior safety Tim Bax was raking in the tackles. Before traveling to face Yale next weekend, Sun columnist Shannan Scarselletta tried to defend the pass rush against Bax.

1. So, the Cornell football team just rocked Bucknell with a 38-14 victory on Saturday in front of over 10,000 people. First of all, did you know that 10,000 Cornellians had heard of football? I mean, statistically speaking, that has to include engineers and pre-meds.
I was under the assumption that there were more people at the libraries than at the games … so I heard the numbers, and figured we were in pretty good shape.