S.A. Creates Student Ambassadors To Connect Qatar Students to Ithaca

After welcoming students to the first Student Assembly meeting of the academic school year, S.A. President Rammy Salem ’10 spoke optimistically of his expectations for the S.A. over the coming year, saying, “If you think right now that the moon is our destination, you’re not thinking far enough.”
It was not to the moon, but rather to Qatar that the S.A. first turned its attention. In a resolution to create two student ambassadors to Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar, Maya Dib med ’13, one of the resolution’s sponsors, explained that the student ambassador positions would connect the two campuses, so the students in Qatar could “really feel like we belong to Cornell.”

Longtime Cornell Zamboni Driver Accepts University Retirement Package

Over Dave Nulle’s three decade career working for the University, he became a staple of the Lynah Rink experience. Hockey players and skaters — not to mention fans — inextricably linked Nulle with the zamboni he drove and the costumes he wore, even giving him the affectionate nickname “Zamboni Dave.” But when he first came to Cornell, Nulle was simply looking for a job.
“I believe that it was almost happenstance that I became a Zamboni driver,” Nulle said. “If [Cornell] had been hiring chicken farmers at that time, my life would be totally different. It was totally happenstance that I became a Zamboni driver. I was looking for a job and they were hiring.”

Taking it to the Streets

“It’s not like any other conference you’ve been to,” promised Prof. Lisa Patti, film, speaking of the film conference held at Cornell this past Friday and Saturday. Indeed, the unique structure of the conference was readily apparent after merely a brief glance at the program of events — unlike other conferences that focus on a keynote speech and subsequent panel discussions, this conference had no keynote speech and was structured around a series of film viewings and group discussions which — though led by a discussion chair and series of panelists — included heavy audience participation.

Physical Sciences Library Next on Chopping Block

The Physical Sciences Library in Clark Hall — like Tower Café and the Knight Visual Resources Facility before it — has fallen prey to the University-wide budget cuts in reaction to the current financial crisis.
According to a recent announcement on the Cornell Library’s website, “Janet McCue [associate University librarian for teaching, research, outreach and learning services] met with PSL staff on Wednesday to let them know that their library will be closing at the end of 2009.”