IFC Halts Frat Parties Amid Swine Flu Worries

As the number of students diagnosed by Gannett Health Services with probable H1N1 influenza rose to approximately 450 yesterday, the Inter-Fraternity Council enacted a seven-day moratorium on all its social events to help curb the spread of flu on campus.
The moratorium –– which is effective immediately and bans all fraternity events through next Wednesday at 7 p.m. –– was passed by a 29-11 vote.
“We have an obligation as leaders to take this seriously,” IFC President Eddie Rooker ’10 said. “I whole-heartedly think that this is a logical and reasonable step to take right now.”
The IFC’s action comes as the H1N1 outbreak during a week that has been especially taxing on Gannett’s resources.

A new era

In only two games, the Red has matched its win total from last season.

History: Finding Cornell’s Forefathers in Sage Chapel Crypt

This is the first in a series examining Cornell’s underground hot spots.

While Cornell is often described as being “far above,” evoking images of the clocktower and majestic buildings, there is a whole world to explore beneath the surface of campus. With more than 260 major buildings on 745 acres of land, the Cornell campus is filled with mysterious basements, tunnels and vaults.

Pitfalls for Planning in New Orleans

“I want to be as candid as I can be without losing my job,” Eric Shaw stated with frank humor as he began his talk “Planning, Institution Building, and Long-Term Recovery in the State of Louisiana,” which he delivered to a packed audience in Lewis auditorium last Friday afternoon. The young, Harvard-educated hired gun brought in from previous urban planning positions in D.C., Miami and Silicon Valley, he was in the unique position of a technocrat who was running not to be elected to public office, but rather to create a new public office. Still, he had to carefully negotiate paying lip service to the stance of disinterested academic expertise while playing kiss-up to the interests of his political superiors.

Beer Flows From Taps At Third Annual Brew Fest

This story was conceptualized by Chris Bentley, Emily Cohn, Ben Eisen and Sarah Singer.
The scene was one of hazy euphoria. Tipsy townies swayed to the music of live performers alongside debauched fratstars, all under a bright blue Ithaca sky beside the waters of Cayuga Lake.
For a brief moment, it seemed, god was smiling down on our little hippy college town.