M. Lax Tries to Bounce Back

Don’t be fooled by the combination of colors that will be streaking across Schoellkopf Field tomorrow — it’s not a Christmas performance of The Nutcracker. Actually, it will be the men’s lacrosse team facing off against the Dartmouth Green. The Red’s third match-up this week will be the first of three straight Ivy League contests.
“One aspect is that we have time to think about the mistakes we made in the Syracuse game and how we are going to improve and apply that to the Dartmouth game,” said senior Danny Nathan. “We made some mistakes this week, and we can grow and we can learn from them.”

Red Holds Off Crimson Run

They came, they played, they conquered. This weekend, the men’s lacrosse team made a little mark on the pages of lacrosse history by playing and defeating the Harvard Crimson in the first lacrosse game ever played in Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, Mass. The Red also secured its 10th consecutive victory over the Crimson.
“It means a lot so far to be the first team asked in there to play and to play an Ivy League opponent like Harvard,” said junior Matt Moyer. “Hopefully we can build from the victory and continue that in our next couple games coming up.”

Red, Crimson to Face Off at Gillette

On Saturday morning you won’t see Tom Brady and the Patriots warming-up on the field at Gillette Stadium, but you will see the men’s lacrosse team gearing up to take on an important Ivy League rival, Harvard. The Red travels to Foxboro, Mass. today to compete in the Inaugural New England Lacrosse Classic and make history by playing in the first lacrosse game to ever be held at Gillette Stadium tomorrow afternoon. Despite the high-profile venue, the Red is prepared to handle the pressure.
“I don’t think it’s going to affect our nerves,” said senior Danny Nathan.

The Best Day of the Year

In honor of the opening day of Major League Baseball, I decided to take a little time out to recall why a game that only requires a wooden bat, a small white and red-stitched ball, and a leather glove (not steroids) keeps fans coming back for more each April.
Opinions about baseball can generally be separated into two distinct, predictable camps. One dugout contains the loyal fans that maintain that baseball is and will always be “America’s favorite pastime.” However, the naysayers adamantly proclaim that baseball is the most painfully boring sport on earth and that they would rather watch professional bull riding than Major League Baseball.

M. Lax Aims to Reverse Penn Curse

Much to the Red’s chagrin, the Philadelphia curse of William Penn does not seem to be working in its favor. Usually it is the Philly teams, including college squads, that seem to have a pattern of losing.
Somehow, however, the Red has lost to the Quakers at Franklin Field, twice in the last five years. Tomorrow, the Red is intent on reversing this vicious cycle and clinching its second Ivy League victory.

Glynn Eyes Fourth Title

When a partially torn ACL came back to haunt senior co-captain John Glynn in his sophomore campaign at Cornell, it was a huge disappointment to sit out an entire season. Down but not out, Glynn returned in his junior year with a vengeance, playing an important role as a midfielder and scoring the game-winning goal against Albany in the NCAA quarterfinals.
“Just not playing, I really kind of took a different view on the team,” Glynn said. “Last year, when I got the chance to come back and start playing the game, it was definitely more rewarding.”

Seibald Hopes to Lead Red Back to Final Four

It isn’t often that one of the top players on a Division I lacrosse team is willing to admit that his older sister used to fight his battles for him when he was in a pinch.
“She was always my protector,” Seibald said. “If anyone messed with me, she would beat them up”
And although he claims he’s capable of taking care of himself these days, he’s also willing to admit that he’s happy they live in the same apartment building on campus, just in case he needs a little backup.
“We actually live in the same apartment building so if I ever need some food she is only a couple steps away,” Seibald said.

Nathan Switches Sticks, Becomes Vocal Leader

In the only sport where it’s possible to decide between a short stick and a long stick, senior co-captain Danny Nathan had to make the switch. In an impressive act of selflessness, Nathan agreed to undergo a metamorphosis from his former position on defense, which uses a long stick, to become a short-stick wielding defensive midfielder in his junior year so that then sophomore Nick Gradinger could gain a spot on defense. Lucky for Nathan, picking up a short stick was not quite so hard as it might have been since he had some experience with the position in high school. “Its been challenging at times trying to play a different position where you don’t have as much room for mistakes…” Nathan said. “I played short stick in high school so it’s good to get back to my roots. “

M. Lax Bonds, Gets Two Wins Over Spring Break

If you felt bad for the men’s lacrosse team, who played two games while most Cornell students laid out on the beach at a hodgepodge of sunny Spring Break destinations, don’t waste too much time on pity.
Not only did the Red spend six days in Dallas, Texas, but the time off from school helped the squad to two important victories over the Denver Pioneers and the Yale Bulldogs.
On its “vacation” in Dallas, the Red accomplished a lot more than just a splotchy suntan. Cornell earned a 20-7 win in its first ever contest against Denver, but the individual players who struggled to find each other back in Ithaca, succeeded in bonding and playing together as a unit for the first time this season.

Borofsky Discovers the True Meaning of Athletic Competition

A little while ago Chris Berman of ESPN announced that the “Miracle on Ice” of Mike Eruzione’s game-winning, Russian-crushing goal in 1980 was voted the greatest highlight of all time. And I am not about to argue with that for two reasons: one, it’s a really bad idea to argue with hockey fans and two, I love that movie. Still, all this highlight hoopla got me thinking about what makes a great sports moment ESPN top-10 worthy. Then, two weekends ago, I’m pretty sure I was a part of one.