"Valley of the Yosemite" (1864) by Albert Bierstadt

SIMS | Shortness of Breath

There is a real human experience in coming upon something and becoming so excited or inspired or impressed by it that, momentarily, the aesthetic experience supersedes breathing.

stephen yang

YANG | When Cities Are Under Mass Surveillance, In What Space Can Subcultures Survive?

Pardon me for postponing the second part of my series Marxism Lens on the Digital Age, in which I summarize the emergence of the fringe philosophy Accelerationism that coincides the neoliberal shift in the digital economy, but I feel the urgent need to direct the same critical lens to the rapid changes happening around us. I simply cannot unsee or unfeel the intensity and the uncertainty surrounding the unprecedented circumstances. Perhaps things only become clear to most when they are pushed to the extremes. The current situation is definitely out of the ordinary. This is also when the control of the state becomes the strictest and the pushback becomes the fiercest.


QUE | Support Experimental Cinema

My experience may explain why experimental filmmakers have to work with low budget and under other sub-optimal conditions — you simply don’t get much support anywhere, financial or otherwise.


BONO | Starting Over

I think returning to Ithaca when it’s once again safe to do so, as an alum of the school, will feel the same as loading that old New Leaf save file — like I’m living a life that’s no longer mine.