KUDVA DRISKELL | The Dirtbag Left

Speaking from personal experience, it’s impossible to approach any discussion about politics without some mixture of rage and apathy. I’m tired of masking my political allegiances behind a veil of civility — hell, even trying to contain myself for this article is exhausting.

YANDAVA | A Semester of Second-Handedness

But this second-handedness of my life acts instead as a renewal, a deepening. It allows me to chart the landscape of the interior; if I am “out with lanterns, looking for myself,” it lights the dark passages and illuminates what reason and common sense cannot.

LU | The Un-Banning of TikTok

Good things have certainly sprung from TikTok — whether you see it as the embarrassment of Trump’s Tulsa rally or the inspiration of watching someone sew a dress from scratch — but so have the sinister parts of its nature. Many point to the app’s addictive design, but for me, it’s the high potential of losing myself in a TikTok reality.

PONTIN | Video Did More than Kill the Radio Star

The medium demands multiple senses, our full attention, tearing us away at least for a few minutes from the relentless multi-tasking that has become our society’s default mode.

KUDVA DRISKELL | Hyperpop’s Redefinition of Gender

While it may seem as though hyperpop is some sort of fleeting, ridiculous musical genre, closer examination reveals that what may be perceived as an internet superficiality is actually a window into the ever changing landscape of gender politics.