PONTIN | A Devotion to Disposability

I succumbed to the powerful current of the mainstream this past fall after finding myself intrigued by the grainy, strangely-lit photos I was seeing smeared across every social media platform. Something about the process seemed delightfully out of place, a superfluous return to a technology we have long since outgrown.

KUDVA DRISKELL | Between Hyperpop and Folk Punk

At the time, I assumed that my love for hyperpop, which very quickly expanded into an obsession with osquinn and Dorian Electra, was simply because I was cooped up inside. But as time passed, I found that my hyperpop phase was more than a phase. There was something about the chipmunked vocals, brash synth melodies, and unabashed love for early 2000s internet culture that kept me coming back for more.

YANDAVA | Frock Consciousness

Woolf knew that it was not we who wear the clothes, but the clothes that wear us. This is doubly true in the case of great clothes. When I read one of her novels, it is like putting on some fantastic new garment. I feel the fluidity and lightness of the words flow over me like silk, their rich histories and sound-associations weaving in and out of one another, embroidering and patterning the whole.

Deconstructing the Wild West

The fact that Westerns allow us to elude our own realities is at the heart of the genre’s remarkable longevity. While the specific factors from which we are looking to escape have evolved drastically from the 1950s to present day, the desire stands unwavering.