Team Chef Party from their Kickstarter video

Student Game ‘Family Style’ Finds Success

The seven alumni started their journey here in Ithaca, but through a social media campaign, a stroke of luck and a motto of “keep fighting,” they created a video game with devoted fans around the world.

"Your Daughter Pt. 2" by Celestino Pottinger '20 on display at Cayuga Lodge

Spotlighting Black Queer Artists at BAAM!

The Black Arts and Music exhibit drew people from all walks of life to the basement of one of the most radical spaces on campus to appreciate the stories of some of the most genuinely spectacular and imaginative individuals on campus.

A protester holds up the face of "the groom."

Crafting Climate Justice

The sheer absurdity of this event is meant to pique curiosity, and — with any luck — get people thinking.