Curating a Summer Reading List

If you, like me, are looking forward to some reading this summer, let’s embark on this ill-fated journey together. Will we achieve our reading goals? Almost certainly not. Will we still enjoy the act of resistance that is leisure in a society that values only productivity? We must — or perish.

BLK VOICES | Painful Reveries

Our voices should be heard no matter what we have to say. This week, we begin a journey of acknowledgement. Blk Voices is a platform to uplift and give space to a full range of Black feeling and thought. We begin by acknowledging the emotional toll that recent national uprisings for racial justice have brought with the art pieces below. A Bad Dream

by Toni’s Daughter


Sometimes being black feels like a bad dream

A piece of obscene fiction

Written with the wrong diction and tone

A tone blown way out of proportion

Melanin distorted.