‘Cinderella Is Dead’ and the Social Commentary of Fairy Tales

Cinderella is Dead is as much a fairy tale as the tale it takes its name from, offering a voice to those not traditionally represented as the heroes and proving that you can always work to make your world — and your life — a place that accepts you rather than belittles you, that helps you succeed rather than puts you down.


88rising — It’s Time to Rise to the Occasion

The relationship between Asian Americans and Black Americans is complicated, with anti-Blackness and a lack of support for Black movements historically existing within the Asian American community.

Duke Ellington, 3 Nov. 1954

We Have a Lot to Learn from Jazz

If you’re convinced that your only connection to this style is Spotify’s “Jazz for Study” playlist, I challenge you to think again. Jazz is not just your grandparents’ childhood soundtrack, either.