Taylor Swift’s New Single: Album (or Two) to Follow?

Fans are using the release of “This Love” (Taylor’s Version) and The Old Taylor Shop merchandise on her store, which is themed to “1989” and “Speak Now”, to speculate about the potential release of “1989” or “Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version). 

Coming Home to ‘Harry’s House’

I can’t wait to hear how Styles has grown in Harry’s House — the lyrics, sound and imagery to come will clue us into Styles’s personal journey, as well as help me reflect on my own.

‘Moon Knight’ is a Few Phases Short of an Eclipse

While the limited-run series was enjoyable while it lasted, I must admit that the pacing seemed somewhat rushed. Looking back on the show, I feel that the series had an enormous amount of potential — almost too much to be limited to just six episodes, despite a total run time of 302 minutes.

A Goldfinch-Eye View on “Ammons & The Falls” 

Located in an unobtrusive part of the bridge, near the end towards North Campus, the display featured a brief biography of Ammons himself framed by a photo of the falls in winter, while one of them in a warmer season provided a backdrop for the poem, “Triphammer Bridge,” which Gilbert read aloud.

The Ugliness of Animal Cruelty

I simply wish for people to observe the hypocrisy and speciesism when “animal lovers” lambast the cat and dog meat trade but view livestock as inanimate entities, despite the fact that they are sentient beings capable of pain and visceral feelings.