Guide to a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

The smells, sights, tastes and drunk uncles of Thanksgiving make it the national holiday that we know and love. Turkey drowned in gravy and cranberry sauce, cornbread that crumbles in your mouth and heaping plates of mashed potatoes all come to mind as Thanksgiving classics. Sadly, much of this delicious nourishment contains gluten. 

Celiac disease, a disease in which the small intestine is unable to process wheat, rye and barley, affects about 1% of the population, including myself. As the holiday season nears, I often get asked, “What do you even eat?” and “Wait, you can’t have bread?” followed by a look of astonishment. To give non-celiac individuals a look into my holiday rituals, I’ve composed a brief guide to a gluten free Thanksgiving. 

Go crazy on the cranberry sauce 

This step is relatively easy, as everyone loves cranberry sauce.

The Secret World of Collegetown’s Restaurant Monopoly

Every Cornellian is familiar with at least one of the Collegetown restaurants owned and operated by Kevin Sullivan: Jack’s, Luna’s, Pronto, Ithaca Ghost Kitchen and Loco. While all of these Collegetown restaurants are unique, most share two key similarities: consistently decent food and consistently substandard customer service. While I have never visited Loco, I have ordered from every other restaurant owned by Kevin Sullivan. My typical experience often involves abnormally long wait times and order mix-ups. Each time I have ordered takeout from Luna’s or Jack’s, I arrive when the ordering app says my food is ready only to find an additional wait at the restaurant.

Stir Your Crushes’ Palate on 11/11: Celebrate Pepero and Pocky Day With a Personality

Did you know that Koreans and Japanese gift stick biscuits on Nov. 11 to show affection? Pepero and Pocky, two rod-shaped biscuits, are widely consumed on this day due to their resemblance to the number one. Over the past two decades, Pepero Day and Pocky Day have gradually evolved from pure marketing campaigns to national Valentine’s Days. With the happening of these two special days today, I will introduce a brief history of Pepero, followed by a guide to choosing the right flavor for your special one, and then do the same for Pocky day.

Plant-Based Eating Is Taking Root in the Fast Food Industry

Along with the majority of young drivers, I have long held a deep affinity for drive-throughs. After all, there’s nothing quite like sipping on a refreshing Dunkin’ iced coffee on the way to class or balancing a carton of piping hot french fries in your cup holder. During the first year of the pandemic, as restaurants remained shut down and we were all prevented from socializing, I would often find myself coasting through the Taco Bell line just to feel some sort of human interaction. Drive-through fast food became both a social activity and an appetite-quencher when my friends and I needed a quick snack or just an activity to fill our time. 

I did not grow up with fast food as a large part of my diet, but many Americans did. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 36 percent of children and adults eat fast food everyday.

Trick-or-Treat: The Nightmare List

I’d like to consider myself a seasoned trick-or-treater, maybe even a master of the craft. For as long as I can remember, I would spend my childhood Halloween evenings bargaining and trading candy with my fellow sweet treat connoisseurs, attempting to optimize my selection. I’d say I’ve been through the trick-or-treating rounds enough to know what is good, and what is horribly bad. 

In my neighborhood, the best houses gave us big candy bars or goody bags, and the worst, nothing at all, or equally as abhorrent, sliced apples. But I’ve certainly been hearing some recent horror stories about childhood trick-or-treating and found it time to finally create the nightmare list of treats. Our ranking begins somewhat mildly, with fruit.

An “Objective” Judging of Chocolate Halloween Candies

Halloween season is fully upon us, which means it’s the time of year to stuff our faces with candy and feel no remorse. In our childhood days of trick-or-treating, we all had our favorite candies that we would trade anything for and others that we would gladly give away for free. But which candies are objectively the best? I’ll use the following four metrics to score many of our favorite chocolate based candies (sorry chocolate haters). This will be scored from one to five with five being the best.

Let Girls Enjoy Pumpkin Spice (But Not Me): A Self Reflection

While I don’t exactly wish that I wrote for The Sun at the peak of pumpkin spice hatred — 2012, for those lucky enough to have forgotten — I can recognize that I’m a little late to the party on this one. Gone are the days of viral posts making fun of teenage girls for liking Starbucks. In recent years, the sexist undertones of the “basic” stereotype have become obvious and have made these jokes distasteful, if not completely unacceptable. Now, there is generally less embarrassment associated with liking Starbucks and oat milk, and I’m grateful for this shift! But if I can acknowledge that being “like other girls” isn’t a bad thing, then why do I still feel so averse to pumpkin spice?

A Cautious Defense of Moonshine

If you’re like me at all, the question, “Is making your own moonshine really that bad?” has crossed your mind at least a few times. Can you blame me? The thought of unlimited, practically free alcohol was tempting, and I imagined that it would have the added bonus of being as strong as a horse tranquilizer. While contemplating if I really wanted to freak out my housemates by making them accomplices to an illegal moonshine distillery, I started to wonder why moonshine is even against the law in the first place. Like almost everything, the answer is … complicated. 

For legal reasons, I disappointedly must report that I don’t have the balls to distill moonshine in my collegetown house. 

Moonshine in the United States has a long history, especially in the South.