A Guide to U-Pick at Indian Creek Farm

Apple picking in upstate New York is a must-do for every Cornellian. Delicious apples aside, the crisp orange, yellow and red leaves, fresh air and fragrance of an apple orchard make the experience one to remember. I can guarantee a trip to the orchard will make one forget all about prelims and upcoming assignments; all stress will disappear. The best farm to visit is Indian Creek Farm — a 40-acre farm with over 100 fruits and vegetables available for “U-Pick.”

I visited the farm after Applefest weekend, so my go-to honey crisp apple was all cleaned out. However, I still picked a basket full of apples, without duplicating any variety.

Founded by Daniel Jones, Built by Ithaca: 2 Stay 2 Go LLC

I showed up at Daniel Jones’ ’22 house expecting to have a one-hour interview while trying some different foods. Little did I know that my short interview would turn into a two-day behind-the-scenes tour of 2 Stay 2 Go LLC. Daniel Jones, a 21-year-old in the School of Hotel Administration, is a truly remarkable individual. Wanting to create an innovative hospitality brand that was bigger than himself, he founded 2 Stay 2 Go in October 2020. The original concept behind the restaurant was having customers vote with their dollars on which items would stay on a rotating menu.

Ithaca Fall Favorites: A Definitive List

Fall is now in full swing, and one of the activities I enjoy the most is going to local Ithaca eateries and trying their seasonal pastries. Whether it’s to Wegmans or Collegetown Bagels, I embark on a delighted scavenger hunt to find the fall treats that are both affordable and rich with flavor. Here is my yearly rundown of my favorite fall items from local Ithaca eateries. 

Pumpkin Spice Bar from Collegetown Bagels 

These special bars are triple layered, starting with a chewy graham cracker crust, cream cheese frosting and a pumpkin spice spread, all topped with a pumpkin spice whipped cream. Simple yet flavorful, this pumpkin spice bar will give you the full experience of fall. This is one of my go-to desserts for fall, as the pumpkin spice bar isn’t too sweet or bland.

Milkstand Just Skims the Surface of What’s to Come in Ithaca

When I first arrived back in Ithaca for the fall semester, I drove down North Meadow Street and was surprised to see a bold white sign outside one of the many strips of businesses, proclaiming “HIRING — ALL POSITIONS.” I did a double-take, then did a little research and learned about a new restaurant called Milkstand that was soon to open. It doesn’t take long for news of a novel food establishment to spread around Cornell, and I quickly overheard the name “Milkstand” on the daily. This past week, I finally got a chance to check out the new spot, just a few days after its opening. 

The restaurant is located in an old Byrne Dairy, a chain of gas station and convenience stores, founded in upstate New York. The owners, who also created Maru Ramen across the street, named their newest business in recognition of the building’s roots. 

The menu consists of typical diner food with some enhanced entrees, such as a portobello sandwich ($14) and a kale pasta with pesto ($22). There is definitely a range to be explored, from an array of typical omelettes ($13-$15) to the most expensive item, steak frites ($34).

Shoot for the Moon! You Might Land in the Cakes

It’s that time of year again, where a full moon rises in a clear night sky and families gather around to eat delicious mooncakes. When I was living at home, I always knew when the Mid-Autumn Festival was around the corner because my grandma would come home from the Asian supermarket with fancy looking tins of packaged mooncakes. I would hungrily search through the tin, wondering which cakes had my favorite fillings, ready to dig in. 

The mooncake (月饼) is a traditional pastry served during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). For over three thousand years, this holiday has celebrated the moon, the moon goddess Chang’e and the bountiful autumn harvest that she brings. Occurring on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, it will fall on Tuesday, Sept.

Let Girls Enjoy Pumpkin Spice (But Not Me): A Self Reflection

While I don’t exactly wish that I wrote for The Sun at the peak of pumpkin spice hatred — 2012, for those lucky enough to have forgotten — I can recognize that I’m a little late to the party on this one. Gone are the days of viral posts making fun of teenage girls for liking Starbucks. In recent years, the sexist undertones of the “basic” stereotype have become obvious and have made these jokes distasteful, if not completely unacceptable. Now, there is generally less embarrassment associated with liking Starbucks and oat milk, and I’m grateful for this shift! But if I can acknowledge that being “like other girls” isn’t a bad thing, then why do I still feel so averse to pumpkin spice?

Missing Manndible: Mann’s New Unremarkable Cafe

Those who are fortunate enough to have experienced Manndible Cafe in Mann Library will remember the comforting taste of hot curry on a cold Friday afternoon, the soft and springy textures of a freshly baked muffin and the buttery, crumbly goodness of a Manndible scone. As of this academic year, the independently-owned Manndible Cafe we knew and loved is gone. The cafe’s regulars — including students, faculty and staff — received the news of its closing last spring with deep sadness and disappointment, patiently waiting to find out what would replace the beloved Cornell staple of 13 years. The new Cornell-operated Mann Cafe opened this semester and is almost as insipid and unremarkable as Rusty’s in Uris Hall or Olin Library’s Libe Cafe. It offers a selection of pastries, refrigerated bowls and wraps, coffee and bagels, as well as hot foods including breakfast burritos and avocado toast — a respectable array of options that will do the job of sustaining you enough to get through a study session, but won’t give you the warm, fuzzy feeling of eating a home cooked meal.

A Cautious Defense of Moonshine

If you’re like me at all, the question, “Is making your own moonshine really that bad?” has crossed your mind at least a few times. Can you blame me? The thought of unlimited, practically free alcohol was tempting, and I imagined that it would have the added bonus of being as strong as a horse tranquilizer. While contemplating if I really wanted to freak out my housemates by making them accomplices to an illegal moonshine distillery, I started to wonder why moonshine is even against the law in the first place. Like almost everything, the answer is … complicated. 

For legal reasons, I disappointedly must report that I don’t have the balls to distill moonshine in my collegetown house. 

Moonshine in the United States has a long history, especially in the South.

The Telephone Tyrant

I’m not stupid, but that didn’t stop the woman on the other end of the phone from calling me that. English is my first language, but that didn’t stop the woman on the other end of the phone from questioning my command of it. My name is Sarah, but that didn’t stop the woman on the other end of the phone from never using it. 

After spending months sending cold-emails and having “informational interviews”, I was so excited to find a job as a reservationist for a restaurant group. I had this romanticized view in my head of being a working girl in New York City, and everyone around me was too nice to pop my bubble constructed of naivety and ignorance. 

I spend eight hours a day answering phones. Some days, I book reservations for CEOs and influencers.