Seven-Spice Stop Loumies Opens in Collegetown

Home-cooked Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is exactly what Collegetown needs, and Loumies has blown away all expectations. Inspired by the flavors of the Middle East, Persia and North Africa, Loumies has created a delicious blend of tasty dishes for Ithaca’s students and residents. They offer scrumptious dishes including Kufta Meatballs, okra stew and Labneh sandwiches, with flavorful sides of hummus, “Seven Spice” rice and more. Loumies is a family business. While there, I got a chance to speak with the chef, Rania Chidiac Kaldi and her husband, Raed.

The Unexpected Fraternity Tastebud Mastermind: Chef Don

When I recently joined a fraternity, I held onto some skepticism about the lifestyle. Perhaps the biggest question was the quality of the food. Most Cornell students have visited frat houses; we’ve seen the sweaty dance floors packed with people, and we’ve smelled the puke in the corner. To put it lightly, I was a little scared to try the food that my fraternity had to offer. However, my doubts soon dispersed.

Working Out What Cornellians Take When They Work Out

Disclaimer: Consult a doctor before taking any workout supplements

It’s no secret that Cornellians love to exercise. Whether it’s the 45 minute line to use the gym or the crazy people running up the slope at 3 a.m. in the 10 degree weather, it’s clear that a majority of Cornellians work out. I frequently see people walking around with different drinks, and talking about different types of workout supplements, so I wanted to explore what Cornellians take when they hit the trails or gym. What to eat before and during your workout is a heavily debated topic with no clear answer. With a quick Google search, you can see that pre-workout, protein shakes and simply eating healthy are viable options towards maximizing your exercise.

America’s Lonely Tune

The components of a cuisine, from common spices to dietary staples to preparation styles, vary widely across the world. However, the biggest divide between different food cultures may arise not in the cooking, but what comes after. I learned the importance of dining style through two specific eating experiences, which began continents apart and ended up a mile from each other here in Ithaca. One crisp autumn night, the brisk wind pushed my friends and I out into town to find something warm and fulfilling. We eventually spotted a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant filled with steaming food and locals digging in, enjoying their eating experience together.

Guide to a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

The smells, sights, tastes and drunk uncles of Thanksgiving make it the national holiday that we know and love. Turkey drowned in gravy and cranberry sauce, cornbread that crumbles in your mouth and heaping plates of mashed potatoes all come to mind as Thanksgiving classics. Sadly, much of this delicious nourishment contains gluten. 

Celiac disease, a disease in which the small intestine is unable to process wheat, rye and barley, affects about 1% of the population, including myself. As the holiday season nears, I often get asked, “What do you even eat?” and “Wait, you can’t have bread?” followed by a look of astonishment. To give non-celiac individuals a look into my holiday rituals, I’ve composed a brief guide to a gluten free Thanksgiving. 

Go crazy on the cranberry sauce 

This step is relatively easy, as everyone loves cranberry sauce.

The Secret World of Collegetown’s Restaurant Monopoly

Every Cornellian is familiar with at least one of the Collegetown restaurants owned and operated by Kevin Sullivan: Jack’s, Luna’s, Pronto, Ithaca Ghost Kitchen and Loco. While all of these Collegetown restaurants are unique, most share two key similarities: consistently decent food and consistently substandard customer service. While I have never visited Loco, I have ordered from every other restaurant owned by Kevin Sullivan. My typical experience often involves abnormally long wait times and order mix-ups. Each time I have ordered takeout from Luna’s or Jack’s, I arrive when the ordering app says my food is ready only to find an additional wait at the restaurant.

Stir Your Crushes’ Palate on 11/11: Celebrate Pepero and Pocky Day With a Personality

Did you know that Koreans and Japanese gift stick biscuits on Nov. 11 to show affection? Pepero and Pocky, two rod-shaped biscuits, are widely consumed on this day due to their resemblance to the number one. Over the past two decades, Pepero Day and Pocky Day have gradually evolved from pure marketing campaigns to national Valentine’s Days. With the happening of these two special days today, I will introduce a brief history of Pepero, followed by a guide to choosing the right flavor for your special one, and then do the same for Pocky day.

Like a Good Friend, Louie’s is There

Put simply, Louie’s Lunch is an icon for Cornell students. Like a good friend, Louie’s Lunch is always there to make you happy. Just tanked your prelim? Louie’s is there for you. Going through a messy breakup?