Hit the slope after the final day of classes for Slope Day, an annual celebration featuring food, beverages and live performances.

In Photos: The Year in (P)review

Freshmen — welcome to the Hill! Ithaca might not be New York City, but it has its fair share of things to do and enjoy. As a new academic year kicks off, we pulled together some photos from the past year to showcase what’s in store.

The dragon joins the parade just after the final assembly, heading east on University Ave. The first-year students, some pushing the chassis and some carrying parts of the tail, escorted the dragon along the one-mile parade route.

In Photos: The Dragon Takes Form, Then Takes Flight

Architects in quirky costumes, throngs of people lining the streets, chants of “oi, oi, oi,” a 70-foot dragon — all of these were hard to miss for anybody on campus the day before spring break. But while many cheered as the dragon marched through campus that rainy afternoon, few witnessed how it came together in the early hours of the day.