IN PHOTOS | CML Encampment, April 25, 2024

10 a.m., April 25 | “First Look”

The encampment site is set up on the Arts Quad at dawn on April 25. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

10:41 a.m., April 25 | “Administration Arrives”

Vice President of Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi and Dean of Students Marla Love arrive on the Arts Quad and express disapproval over the nature of the encampment. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

11:41 a.m., April 25 | “Onlookers”

Cornell University Police Officers watch nearby as protestors call for a rally in support of their demands. (Jason Wu/Sun Senior Photographer)

12:02 p.m, April 25 | “Liberation is a Mindset”

Speakers, including Prof. Russell Rickford, history, engage the crowd in a rally during which they explained the protesters’ demands. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

12:21 p.m., April 25 | “The People’s Microphone”

Christopher Cowen, executive vice president and chief financial officer, tells organizers that the tents violate the University’s policies.

IN PHOTOS | SBWU Day Hall Occupation, May 11 and 12, 2023

4:55 p.m., May 11 | “First Contact”Nick Wilson ’26 (center) and Evan Sunshine ’24 (right) talk with Ryan Lombardi, vice president for student and campus life, in the Day Hall lobby. (Julia Nagel/Sun Photography Editor)

5:13 p.m., May 11 | “Finals”Kieran Adams ’24 sits in the Day Hall lobby and studies for an oral exam, scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Adams took the exam over Zoom while in the building. (Julia Nagel/Sun Photography Editor)

5:56 p.m., May 11 | “Workers Uniting”Wilson talks with gathered protestors during the occupation of Day Hall. (Ming DeMers/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

6:53 p.m., May 11 | “No Progress”Lombardi leaves the Day Hall lobby after talking with protestors for a second time during the occupation of Day Hall. (Ming DeMers/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

7:09 p.m., May 11 | “Building’s Closed”Starbucks Workers United demonstrators continue to occupy Day Hall after Dean of Students Marla Love informed demonstrators that the building would officially close at 6 p.m. (Julia Nagel/Sun Photography Editor)

7:56 p.m., May 11 | “Officers on Scene”Cornell University Police Department officers walk towards the room of protestors camped out in the Day Hall lobby.

A Month in Photos | Nov. 2022

A voter enters Ithaca Town Hall on Election Day on Nov. 8. At the local and state level, the 2022 midterm elections brought sweeping victories for the Democratic party, with the notable exception of the New York District 19 House race. (Jason Wu/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

President of Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson uses a water bottle and cup to illustrate a point about international fisheries management during the “Can Small States Make a Difference?

A MONTH IN PHOTOS | Sept. 2022

Construction workers take a break from work on College Avenue on Sept. 6. The road running through the heart of Collegetown has been the center of heavy construction work since early in the summer. (Claire Li/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

A student holding a pride flag walks through a field of American Flags during ClubFest on Sept. 11.

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Oct. 17, 2021

Students and families walk through West Campus during fall break on Monday. Students made the most of their days off in many different ways — they studied for exams, spent time with their families, ran ultramarathons, watched movies and visited friends. (Leilani Burke/Sun Contributor)

On Monday, bolted-together logs, part of a Cornell-approved temporary art installation by Bushra Aumir ’22, block one of the slope paths. The project was inspired by the U.S. government’s 1960 seizure of the Ohi: yo’ Territory, which was inhabited by the Seneca Nation of Indians. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

A student walks by 312 College Avenue, a Collegetown apartment complex, on Wednesday.

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Oct. 3, 2021

On Wednesday, a student walks by the Welcome Center towards North Campus. As temperatures dip, fall colors are starting to show around campus. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

Students exit the Collegetown 7-Eleven on Wednesday. After six years of renovations, the store—an accessible and affordable option for students—unveiled its new interior in early September. The renovations included an expanded shelf stock, twice as much floor space, a bigger counter, a seating area and more drink machines.

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Sept. 12, 2021

On Tuesday, a student relaxes under a tree on the arts quad. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

Students pass by the new Student Agencies apartment building on Wednesday. After more than a year of construction, the luxury apartment complex is fully occupied this year. (Hannah Rosenberg/Sun Photography Editor)

On Wednesday afternoon, a rabbi shares a treat with students after blowing a shofar on Ho plaza to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

The line for COVID testing at the Willard Straight test site stretches far outside the doors and across Ho Plaza on Wednesday.

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Sept. 5, 2021

On Tuesday, students eat and work outside on North Campus and enjoy the nice weather. As part of the North Campus Residential Expansion, two new dorms — Ganędagǫ Hall and Toni Morrison Hall — were completed over the summer and are occupied this fall by first-year students. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

In a typical year, Balch Hall is a dorm for first-year female-identified students. But this fall, it is being used as Covid quarantine housing. On Tuesday, the courtyard sits empty, blocked off to through traffic.

THIS WEEK IN PHOTOS | Aug. 29, 2021

Students walk up Ho Plaza on Wednesday, the day before the fall 2021 semester began. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

Outside of Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell Hillel hosts a Welcome Back BBQ on Wednesday. (Julia Nagel/Sun Assistant Photography Editor)

On Wednesday night, the eve of the fall 2021 semester, Cautious Clay performed on Schoellkopf Field. Sponsored by the Cornell Concert Commission, this concert signified Cornell’s first in-person musical performance since the start of the pandemic. (Ben Parker/Sun Senior Editor)

Cautious Clay, whose music spans a variety of genres and instruments, sings on Schoellkopf Field on Wednesday night.

In Photos: 2020, Reviewed

Photos at the start of 2020 mirrored previous years: crowded ClubFests, student activism, Ithaca weather and hockey games. But as a raging pandemic canceled events and closed campus, the photos depicted a shift in daily routines and customs that defined an unforgettable year. Here’s a look at 2020 — often called historic, unprecedented and one like no other — in photos.