LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tragedy in Beirut; A Plea for Help

To the Editor:

“We can explain a lot of disasters as natural or random: A forest fire destroying a few homes, an economic recession with a devalued currency, even a global pandemic straining your healthcare system…But 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical bomb, parked at the port of the Lebanese capital for 6 years? Now how can we overlook that?” – Christopher Raffoul, a 22-year-old Beirut resident. In the blink of an eye: Buildings collapsed, cars were thrown into the air and a giant mushroom cloud rose above downtown Beirut, Lebanon. Hospitals were damaged and so overwhelmed by casualties that the wounded were being treated in veterinary clinics, pharmacies and parking lots. Due to this explosion on Tuesday, 330,000 are homeless, 5,000 are wounded and hundreds are likely dead.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pres. Pollack Must Denounce ICE Restrictions on Student Visas

To the Editor:

The recent announcement from the Department of Homeland Security adding restrictions to Non-immigrant F-1 student visas is a xenophobic, bigoted and inhumane political stunt designed to further nationalist rhetoric. The decision to restrict student visas is the latest attack on the international community under the guise of national economic security or public health. These include but are not limited to the 2018 Muslim travel ban, various attempts to overturn Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policies and recent rollbacks on foreign worker visas. Denying students the right to educational opportunities based on immigration status is in direct violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. This discrimination based on national origin endangers not only student achievement, mental health and physical health amidst a global pandemic, but is also detrimental to the longevity of Cornell’s educational philosophy and Ithaca’s economy.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Stop Cornell’s Reactivation

I request that President Pollack and the Board of Trustees begin working on a new plan to ensure students, staff, faculty and every other member of the Cornell community can participate in Cornell’s educational services from the safety of their homes or in safe homes that Cornell will provide for them locally or abroad.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dear Cornell, Protect Your Grad Students

These issues are complicated, but the solution is straightforward: Cornell University should implement a non-medicalized process where graduate students can apply confidentially to work and teach remotely without needing to provide documentation. Those who choose to seek these accommodations are doing so to protect their health and safety and those of their loved ones.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Cornell Progressives Endorse

To the Editor: 

Ahead of the New York Congressional and State Assembly primaries on June 23, Cornell Progressives is proud to endorse the following candidates: Jamaal Bowman, Mel Gagarin, Lauren Ashcraft, and Anna Kelles. Cornell Progressives — formerly Cornell for Bernie — has decided to continue the ongoing mission of the Bernie 2020 campaign by actively supporting candidates who relay a similar vision of economic and social justice. Although we recognize that electoral politics is limited in its ability to fully combat the America’s long standing systemic inequalities, we are still vested in finding leadership that is willing to fight for the people. Our organization has hosted the aforementioned individuals for virtual panels in which our members could engage with each candidate, and, after a unanimous vote, we are happy to publicly support them in the upcoming elections. Our first endorsement goes to Melquiades “Mel” Gagarin, who is running in the Democratic primary for New York’s 6th Congressional District.