BARAN | For What It’s Worth

In all of my columns, I’ve sugarcoated the truth. Whenever I’ve talked about bad things that had happened or ugly truths, I added a big fat BUT. Yeah, life kicked my ass this semester, BUT it was a learning experience. I continually fail to live up to my expectations for myself, BUT I’ll do better next time. I’m tired of the “BUTS.”

ROSENBAND | It’s Here and Then It’s Gone 

I’m two months late on my Collegetown rent. If I’m being honest, I actually have a very kind landlord so this isn’t one of those revenge-seeking situations and I know that I’m the real asshole here. The reason I’m two months late on my Collegetown rent is because once I pay it, that will be it for me. I will have no more home in Ithaca. 

Childish, sure, but I don’t want to believe that I’m leaving Cornell or possibly even getting kicked out. The idea of graduation is so tacky and so absurd and so absolutely rotten that it’s exactly how I imagine it would feel to get punched in the throat by someone capable and willing.

WILK | Following That ‘I Don’t Belong Here’ Feeling

Google Maps was my first friend at Cornell. I was so scared of looking lost freshman year that I never went anywhere without company, and before I knew anyone, my typing that brought the app to life was close enough to a walking partner. Together, we studied campus cartography with the kind of obsession that comes from intimidation and also adds it — the kind teenage girls teach each other to survey social scenes with. At 18, my college career could’ve been cut short more than once, all because I had my nose stuck deep in the paths on my phone screen rather than keeping my eyes on the very real roads around me. After four years, I still find myself craving direction when trying to find any of the places I haven’t been, but I guess crutches never claim to teach you how to walk on your own. 

I’m just now learning how nice walking on your own can be.

SMITH | “Did You Like It?”

I guess after four years here I am truly a Cornellian, though I’m not entirely sure what that means. Mutual suffering in Baker Lab and abnormally strong calves? Or maybe it’s the memories that played like a corny coming-of-age montage in my head when the family at the restaurant asked me “Did you like it?” and I said “Yeah.” 

AGGARWAL | To All Who Listened

This column showed me that there is a way in which I could contribute to campus conversation and share my experience in digital agriculture to engender some much-needed discussion about Cornell’s role in our local community.

GUEST ROOM | Support of Tenants’ Rights Needs Less Bark and More Bite

Tabling the Right to Renew Lease law is just another example of Ithacan politicians mimicking progressive mannerisms and superficial characteristics: hearing something out without following through with the only Democratic value that fundamentally matters: a commitment to actually helping people.

MEHLER | The Case for Moving New York State Primaries

New York State currently holds its primaries on the last Tuesday of June. I believe moving the primary date would facilitate more civic participation among all age groups, demographics and New Yorkers. New York State will be hosting its primary this year on June 28, 2022. While the primary has been held on the last Tuesday of June for decades, recent internal and external factors present a strong argument for moving our primaries earlier into the year. 

The deadline of a general election happening anywhere between Nov. 2 to Nov.

ONONYE | Time to Stop Womansplaining

I joke to my friends that my column is the only thing about Cornell that’s never felt like a chore — I’ve never cried about my column, never fought over my column (except with my mom who is fond of censoring my writing before I send it to my editors) and never questioned if it was the right decision for me. Rather, my column has encouraged me to open my eyes to new career opportunities, encouraged me to reflect on the best and worst parts of my Cornell experience and was fun when life wasn’t fun.