FRIEDMAN | Religious Life: A Rare Place of Acceptance at Cornell

While business clubs, political clubs and Greek organizations are exclusive to the core, religious life is the most prominent, inclusive area available to the masses of Cornell. The private and sometimes contemptuous status of exclusive organizations is at times legitimate, pushing prospective members to show dedication and self-discipline. 

KEMPFF | Professional Orgs Haze Too 

Business organizations often host social events, many of them with a heavy drinking influence. Unlike fraternities and sororities, which follow strict event registration rules, these clubs operate as they choose. I’ve personally witnessed binge drinking and unsafe conditions at the hands of these organizations.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Lies or Lost Feelings?

This summer I was blocked by a former romantic partner. Now, I wish I could emerge from my veil of (sexy) anonymity to gaze upon your face as you read that sentence, beloved audience member, because your reaction to my excommunication reveals loads about your romantic life. For some, this blockage serves as the ultimate blemish on my character and establishes me as a problematic partner whose involvement with someone can only end in dramatic falling-outs. For those unflinching others who had trouble even identifying what noteworthy statement I claimed to have made — I admire your confidence in your own righteousness, but perhaps this piece can prompt you to reflect on how you might better communicate with your romantic partners. 

SEX ON THURSDAY | Hooking Up For Emotional People: A Three-Step Guide

I think emotional people get a bad rap. When it comes to a purely physical relationship, emotional people must be cautious about how much they allow themselves to know their hookup. For example, I think my current hookup is the coolest guy ever. Whenever I learn something new about him, I end up liking him more.

SENZON | Overcoming Stress

I’m no stranger to the feeling of stress and anxiety, but I like to remind myself that at times giving in to these feelings will only inhibit my progress. These past few weeks have been challenging to say the least — but I’ve been helping myself understand that I must nurture myself first before pursuing anything greater. As my workload progressively gets larger I find myself revisiting this feeling of stress and it can become burdening at times. 

PAPPAS | Confessions of an Ex Pre-Med 

Though you will most definitely recognize parts of my pre-med journey in your own, I hope that my criticisms of these classes don’t resonate too closely with you. I know they will — and you, secretly, do too — but I hope that your desire to go to med school is strong enough to make it all worth it because I know mine wasn’t. 

POGGI | In Search of Something Smaller

Like most Cornell students, I have always been told to strive for something greater. I’ve come to believe that I should try to see the world, chase my dream job and raise a family. These feelings of striving, of wanting, are always greatest for me at the start of a new semester.

WEIRENS | The Big Red Bathroom Ranking

Although acknowledging the practicality of such a system, users are disgusted with the lack of privacy and unexpected farm-like feel of their visit.