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SULLIVAN BAKER | To Hear Remembered Chimes: Love Beyond Cornell

As the rapids roared below us and the suspension bridge swayed in a Fall Creek February gale, she laughed with me (and at me) the way she’d done countless times before. She reminded me of the legend that says you’ll die if you kiss on the bridge. She made some crack about the smell of the Thai bubble tea on my breath. And she said something about how I shouldn’t hate her for not liking boba. Though I don’t remember her exact words, I vividly remember mine.

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GUEST ROOM | Essential Employee?

“Essential Employee.” As I stand here on campus with my rake in hand, these words are in the front of my mind: What am I doing? It’s not snow season, it’s not mow season. Everyone around us is going home and being offered alternative work methods while we are out here preparing for a commencement that may not happen, for a reunion week that might be canceled. If we are so essential, why does it also appear that we are expendable?

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WILK | Viral Nihilism, Chronically Coping When No One Gives Us a Cure

I was in seventh grade and 12 years old, when my history teacher, Mrs. Saylor, paused and turned her attention away from the dirty whiteboard in a moment of realization to say that we, the cluster of restless preteens seated in front of her, had never known life without war. I’m still not sure if that statement was completely correct. I do know that she was right about the list events she subsequently rattled off to try to help us, children supposedly bombarded with unending violence on the very largest scale, understand the stuff we’d been through, the stuff we’d seen: 9/11, the Iran/Iraq War, ongoing military aggressions with Afghanistan, a hard-hitting recession, the Boston Marathon Bombing, constantly-stacking murders by our police force, Sandy Hook Elementary and so many shootings since that it’s far past the point of pathos to try to name them all. It was a lot. I almost hadn’t noticed.

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HUA | Through COVID-19, Cornellians Come Together

Every 24 hours, my life is uprooted again. Since Tuesday, every 24 hours has changed my future. Every 24 hours, a new update. Every 24 hours, a new sinking feeling in my chest. Amidst the rapid changes, there were some horrific moments on campus that left me shell-shocked.

Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | What Do You Do When He Doesn’t Like You Back?

Picture this. You’re in bed with your not-quite-a-friend, not-quite-a-hookup, but more than just a stranger. You’re casually talking when he brings up a dream you had about him where he rejected you, a dream that you told a mutual friend about in confidence. He asks you about it, joking (but is he?) that he didn’t know you cared so much. You panic but hide it, doing your best to brush it off as nothing, saying that you have dreams about people all the time and that they never mean anything.