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GUEST ROOM | Create a Mixed-Race Studies Department at Cornell

The future is mixed. Since its founding, Cornell has served as a shining beacon in the fight for the inclusivity of women, POC, the LGBT+ community and people with disabilities in higher education. If Cornell truly believes in its motto, “Any Person, Any Study,” this new area of study and research into mixed-race individuals would fit like a glove into the ideals of this institution, and be a good step in developing future curricula as the United States’ demographic evolves.

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WANG | O My O-Week

I have learned a couple of useful tips that I wished Wendy from two weeks ago knew.

Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | I’m a Brat, and You Might be Too

Not unlike a miserably small man maintaining a Napoleon complex to counter his stunted stature, I, a small Asian girl, have always harbored a tendency to offset the likely impression of myself as quietly obedient and accommodating with behavior indicating the total opposite.