Prof. Chekitan Dev, hotel administration

CORNELL CLOSE-UPS | Hotel Professor Brings the World to His Classroom, Takes His Classroom to the World

“The problem in many professional schools is that you either have professors with just pure academic training or professors from the real world without any advanced academic training, so the former have trouble connecting their teaching to the real world and the latter end up telling a bunch of stories ‘war’ don’t hang together with a good theory.”

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GROSKAUFMANIS | Flagging What Is Important

In a world where every breaking news alert seems to be another addition to the garbage fire that is our political climate, I think it’s impossible to delegate our attention perfectly. Pay attention to things that matter to you, pay attention to things that matter to other people, and pay attention to as many things as you possibly can.

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Letter to the Editor: Looking beyond graduate student unionization

To the editor:

Five months ago, I wrote a letter to the editor arguing that President Rawlings’s email to the community against graduate student unionization “sets a dangerous precedent for using the Office to meddle in the internal affairs of students.” With the Sun’s article “Cornell, Union File Grievances on Opening Day of Voting” it seems my thesis has been vindicated: university administrators have been violating the spirit, if not the letter, of restrictions on them. This is not unique to graduate student unionization, but rather another example of the University prioritizing power and image over students’ voices. In my four years here, I have seen a University more than willing to throw its students, faculty, and staff under the bus. Literally. Two years ago in snowy conditions, a Cornell staff member was struck and killed by a TCAT bus.

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Letter to the Editor: On reckless ‘election conduct’

To the Editor:

About 30 seconds before I went to vote in the union election on Monday, my phone lit up notifying me of an email entitled “Election conduct,” sent by Mary Opperman, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and Barbara Knuth, Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School. The email made vague claims about CGSU/AFT/NYSUT representatives telling students not to vote. The student who reported this said he felt threatened. There was no more information given about the context of this very serious allegation. I watched the ballots being counted on Tuesday night.

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DUGGAL | Technologically Shook

I have hit the point in the semester where I could not bring myself to care less about things even if I tried. I thought I hit that point two weeks ago; unfortunately, I was wrong, and here I am, eating ice cream out of a tub in the middle of Klarman Atrium. I can feel even the statues frowning at my life decisions. Two weeks ago, I wrote a horrific column on something related to technology and how people make it out to be worse than it is and why that was a narrow way to look at a complex topic, especially one that is not going anywhere just by having us wish it away. Quite frankly, I hated it, and I would like to apologize to anyone who’s eyes might have perused those particular set of words.


TEST SPIN: Costera — Aliados

This Test Spin can be read in English here. 

El grupo Costera acaba de lanzar su primer disco, Aliados, cual fue un viaje surreal de principio a fin. Recientemente, el grupo había sacado dos sencillos del disco, “Paseo Sideral” y “Altamar.” Ambos sencillos dieron a la audiencia una idea del tema principal del disco: encontrar a alguien en quien confías completamente e ir en un viaje etéreo con ellos. El disco se trata de amor, pero no es nada como el amor típico en el que el cantante no puede dejar de pensar en su musa. Aliados explora un concepto mucho más profundo del amor y la intimidad: uno que involucra una conexión lograda cuando dos personas se conocen por fuera y dentro, hasta el punto de una fusión espiritual. La canción que más representa el tema del disco fue “Paseo Sideral,” la cual tuvo un video musical.